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It seems to be stemming from the Cancel button and not every time. I've not yet seen it lock the game up - clicking the other dice or another shape usually cleans it up. I'll figure it out...

Haha! Well, I'd better fix that!

Thanks - I'll try and figure that one out. :)

They look similar, but if you start constructing them, you'll see that the fold lines are different and produce different models.

My high score is 48. Can you beat it?

The top of the page says Patreons can help choose a theme. Has that happened yet?

You're correct. Each piece of evidence can trigger abilities independently. There are a couple of exceptions in the larger campaign game, but they are clearly indicated.

I just finished rating all the games! Those that I didn't have time to play, I tried to piece together the best I could from reading the rules. There are some nice submissions!!

Just a reminder - there are about 16 hours left to get your ratings in!

I had a really tough time figuring out what this game is about and how to play it. It needs a good rules document to take this burden off the players.

There are some interesting ideas in there, from what I could gather, but also a few that led to some eye-rolls! Reading the die numerals off other player's thumbs might be thematically sound, but it would make the game a hard sell for a lot of players.

Much like Chris, I had a hard time parsing the rules of this. But I want to love it - the theme is incredible unique and family friendly! I love the idea of unique player roles and actually playing as otters and killer whales.

This is a jam and the whole point is to just make things, so confusing rules are totally excusable. I look forward to seeing how this one develops in the future.

Very interesting submission and I like the idea of using the deck of cards for actions and items. I absolutely love the theme and would jump at the chance to play this game!

I worry that as an RPG you expect too much prior knowledge from players - that they understand certain concepts and ideas. A good example of this is on the monster stats - they all have a Heart value, but I have no idea what that means! Having said that, I'm not much of an RPG player, so I'm not sure if I'm the target market for this game.

I didn't have time to play (sorry!), but read through the rules. With that in mind, take my comments with a pinch of salt!

First up, the rules are really clear and well written.

I love the theme! It's unique, interesting and a really good match for families. With that in mind, I wasn't sure what the cubes are meant to represent. Different foods/grasses?


There was some issue with how itch handles deadlines - it set the deadline for the very beginning of the 24th rather than the end of the 24th - which meant that some of you were unable to submit your projects. I've just extended the deadline  to let people make their submissions. Keep an eye on the timer on the front of the game jam page! :)

All the best,


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I'm sorry. I just let itch handle things and it set the deadline for midnight on the 23rd, rather than on the 24th. I really like the itch platform, but that was a nuance I didn't spot.

I've reopened submissions for 24 hours. Is that OK?

Yeah, that's much clearer! Thanks!

I love the theme. And I really like that you can upgrade your characters as the game progresses - I often think that with my own games, I need more sense of player progression. Amazing that you made this in half a day!

I'm a little confused about the end condition (maybe I just read it wrong) and the number of trash being the same as the number of the level? Can you explain?

I love how playful your rules are - they set the tone for the game really well. Nice clear rules and an interesting twist on word guessing games. I would be tempted to make a version with a deck of word cards rather than a website - only because I like to stay away from devices during my game sessions!

So I just finished up the print-and-play document for my game, but I can't think of a good name!

In the game, players are international security agencies who are working together to stop the schemes of an evil mastermind. They do this by playing cards into multiple poker hands.

Any ideas for names?

Here's a nice summary of it.

It's just a preference in British English. You can use either spelling here but personally I think seeing "analog" written is a little weird!

Sounds interesting - how about we have "Best Family Game" so that it's slightly broader?

As per the rules:

"Entries must have a downloadable print-and-play file which is freely available for the duration of the jam and the voting period."

But afterwards, do whatever you want with the game! In my experience, with PWYW, you'll be lucky is 1% of downloaders chip in a dollar. With a paid product you're obviously going to reach fewer people, but if you want to make money from your game, is probably the better choice.

Very cool! I'd be really interested to see what your RPG does mechanically - how you resolve skill checks, etc. Making an RPG is no small feat!

Yes - that's going to be a difficulty for me too! Maybe you can try using tabletop simulator. If enough of us need playtesters, we could arrange an online playtest session for multiple games.

How are everybody's projects coming along? Have you brainstormed ideas? Thrown together a rough prototype? Just vaguely thought things through in the shower?

For myself, I think I've figured out the project I want to work on. In my game, players take on roles as security agencies across different countries, cooperating to stop an evil mastermind and to handle his various plots and schemes. Hopefully I can put the first prototype together this evening.

I hope you all enjoy the jam. As a heads up, here are the categories for voting:

  • Best use of theme
  • Most unique design
  • Best rule book
  • Best solitaire game
  • Best 2 player game
  • Best 3+ player game

Are there any other categories you would like to see?