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oui, j'ai vu l'un de vos autres commentaires, j'ai donc examiné le jeu en entier et j'ai réessayé. il y a toujours le plus petit morceau d'une pile de balles tout le long de l'écran à gauche. peut-être que faire une limite physique à votre terrain de jeu, que vous pouvez utiliser pour encadrer les bords de la caméra pourrait aider.

excuses si cela n'a pas de sens, je suis très hors de pratique de parler français


there was a LOT going on by the time it happened so it was probably just a combinations of things all at once. Our game had one of those too. Hard to find every possible bug with the short time limit. 

cheers from a fellow slime game!

really fun game and great control switch mechanic

really cute game, loved the chaotic UI , really fantastic.  i beat it once, not realizing a missed a bunch of the map, on my second trip i also got stuck in a place i couldn't jump out of. all the way to the right , think it just needs one more step

did you catch the game last night?

cool mechanic! i love how gameplay changed as the room filled. the game did crash as the reactor overloaded, which I don't think was intentional but the timing was perfect and I really enjoyed it for happening

awesome game. we almost went with a micro task overload idea ourselves. very cool. I really liked that you could move the windows where you liked. Would like more tasks to juggle, but it's a jam so its plenty . great work!

very fun. super chaotic.  certain colors were difficult to see over others and the final screen font was a bit cramped (at that size at least) but neither were game breaking.   I loved the bullets on screen counter at the end  and the various building choices

yeah I figured it out a few rounds later. that was my bad. great use of the theme!

so simple, but so good. way to go

awesome game! we had a similar color mechanic, Very cool!

fun game, I also wish there was a way to reset when you get trapped under too many  box. i really liked the screenshot used with your logo

only 26 seconds to spare. definitely a close one