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love a good drift game. Took a bit to get the hang but once I had it down I was drifting for days

very well done

Fun game, definitely unforgiving getting hit by a car but it added to the challenge. 

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Great to see a rhythm game in jams. Definitely hard to incorporate the musical scale theme , so I'm glad someone takes a crack at it. Multiple music choice was nice to reach a wider audience. 

I'm guessing you forgot to use time when coding the speed ,as high framerate increased the difficulty quite a bit  :P

only suggestion is maybe make the falling notes the same direction arrow as what they would fall over instead of circles . I would watch the top as they fell and then forget which lane was which 

Fun little catch game. Good use of theme and powerups definitely stretch the game out which is nice! I got both worst and best score!!

Very well done. Theme used in multiple way after i got 87000 points of damage after fish 15 haha. I'll admit i didn't wait for the 870 fish to get scaled :P but i got over 50 !

Very cute and very well polished. Simple but with enough variation to keep you swiping. I really liked this one

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Well that certainly took some lifespan off my mouse  10/10 would break a phone screen next

fun game. great use of theme. I liked how the music and speed changed with scale size, though I didn't have many uses for the large size besides quick second maneuvers and then back to tiny . overall pretty nice game you have here

Thank you! always a good sign for a  puzzle game to pose a challenge . I always liked the drawing becoming physics object mechanics

ain't that always the way haha. This is our first month long and still several things came up within an hour of submission. 

Very simple, but very fun. I could see this being a very chill mobile game. I also really loved the worldspace shader you had going on with the different ball designs. 

This game was very cute and lots of fun. a few of the puzzles really took me a bit and the ending was pretty interesting

Very cool take on the superliminal game. Several reference to the game which i thought was really cool.  Really seems like a hard concept to nail down for a game jam, but you definitely managed it. a few odd behaviors (duplicate objects bounced , I lost a few objects in the floor by making them too small) but overall this was implemented very well. especially with minimal time limit. 

oh man, that's great! We had a feeling someone might try something haha. It's just a game jam and we did this for fun, so if you enjoyed yourself "hacking" in , I count that as a win in my book!

I can't say I've tried a WebGL game with controller before but it doesn't do this with steam games. usually connecting the controller hides the mouse. I'm just using an xbox controller with a usb3 cable.   

However, while writing this I figured I'd try a ps5 controller and it works totally fine!!! so it must be the controller. 

Yeah exactly!

love the concept , reminds me of heave ho. unfortunately  when using the controller the right stick was controlling the mouse instead of the hand for some reason. Tried the download and still had the issue. I tried playing with keyboard too but i wasn't any good haha 

pretty cool dragon sim. flying was pretty nice and the fire worked well. wish the castle hitbox was a bit bigger though. I felt like I'd fly so fast and only get part of the building a lot 

What a cool game. Scaling the window to change how the game plays is such a creative use of the theme. I really enjoyed it, even if it did cause some visual glitches in the process. Very cool idea

very cool idea and few fun. had a few issues at the stat with balls growing inside each other. but once I got past that i got really far. A bit of polish (and maybe a better 2d physics engine like you mentioned) and this game has a ton of potential . I had a lot of fun with it

yeah! that's the one. I didn't realize it started as an io browzer game. i only played on steam! Good luck on the possible demo!

Cute dragon and a cool use of AI art

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very fun and very simple. I like how the number randomize each time so its always a different game.  First unknown cube is definitely the hardest depending on what your starting number is.  Great use of theme!

Fun survive fighter game. lots of different enemies and upgrades to choose from. I wasn't exactly sure what the books were for or what the rage bar did but i had a bunch of fun playing it none the less!

Very cool twist on tetris. Add in some music and maybe a harder difficulty level and you really have something here

It's like a guitar hero fighter! add in some music and you really got  the start of something cool!

Very impressive and very polished game. Love the conveyor belts and different modules. Reminds me of the game "Shapes" sort of . Definitely could see this becoming a steam game. easy

"recovering addict"  hehe  YEEEEAAAH

Very cool idea . Simple, yet captivating. I could see myself playing this on my phone for hours. chill but focus pulling

Such a cute game. love the smol scale musroom guy. his little "hip" jump sound was just adorable . Art was on point and the platforming mechanic was very smooth. Great work

Very cute game. has a lot of potential for additional content. cat handles a knife like a crazy person! love it

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wow you really got a lot done with just a month to work on it. All the Hand drawings are gorgeous (even the ones you poke fun at in the story) . there's a full working menu,  save slots and a bunch of dialoges !  Music battles were fun, even if I did get distracted playing my own music along to the backing track. 

Some of the volumes weren't balanced right (took me awhile to realize there was dialogue sounds) But you have volume mixers in the menu so the issue fixed itself!

Great work 

Very cool card battler. Art was fantastic. Really an ambitious game and you all pulled it off! Only thing I'd add is some sound effects for the attacks. otherwise Great work!

That's what Jams are all about! We always try to take at least one step outside our comfort zone or at the vary least try and tackle something we've never tried before. I've learned a ton over my history with game jams.  . .and this is only our third one!

Yeah wed GL really do be that way sometimes!

Cozy little duck game! had lots of fun and even attracted a few observers walking by my computer. I'd say thats a good game!

Classic Fish eat fish grow game( glad to see someone went with this idea) , with a stealth twist. Very nice

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nice endless runner you have here. Had some issues with the UI not being where it should be, I think its issues with resizing the game screen. look into anchoring on canvases . should help with this

Very cool game, definitely see why it would be hard to play against a computer.  We nearly themed our game after scales of Anubis too, however we pivoted due to time constraints 

tried to download but no luck i'm afraid. says .pck is missing or a different name than the EXE