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J'imagine que c'est pour la Ludum Dare 52.

L'idée est bonne mais j'ai mis un peu de temps a comprendre les mécaniques et je me suis retrouvé bloqué a la fin :/

right now !

Maybe the game is a bit too easy... isn't it getting harder and harder ?

Thanks for the feedback :) 
Maybe you clicked out of the game's window while running...

Cool entry with a nice balanced gameplay !

Nice gameplay, I couldn't craft a better gun ^^'. I wonder if it's juste me or if there is an invisible wall...

My best was 6300. Sometime you have to put stuff in the wrong recycle bin so you have to make decision on what's the most worthy thing to do... cool concept.

Love the top down view with low poly 3D elements ! Maybe it would have been more interessting if the cycles never respawn so the player have to explore the whole map

I managed to reach the 30th wave (thanks autoclik! )

Nice entry. Maybe 50 points is a bit too much to win the game ^^'...

Great entry, love the gameplay and the graphics. Too bad there is no sound...

My best is 85. Maybe the cubes are a little too slow...

My best score is 29. I don't think I'm really good at this... But that's a good game idea. 

My best is around 2400... Very satisfying to watch but I'm not sure to understand how this one fit to the theme...

Merci ;)

Yes, the shrink function is glitched af when it comes to collisions. And also, I'll make a full version of the game later, when I'll have some time.

yep... not my best entry tbh...

I have an error when i'm trying to play :/

Maybe a bit out of topic, but a cool gameplay and good looking minimalistic visuals.

A cool concept and a bit frustrating since the invisible man put on his rollers.

A pretty good game made in a small amount of time, i like the arcade-ish gameplay.

I like the simple graphics, I would have liked some sort of scoring system are a life system. That was a relaxing one.

A simple but nice entry, my best is 10710 (thanks to the autoclicker)

A cool game, my best is 42 years sentence

Didn't had the time to implement that properly :/

I agree with that statement, I tend to make games too difficult too quickly, thank you for playing it :)

Remind of that flash game called gravity guy.

Very simple one, good gameplay idea, I like the global minimalistic aspect

Yeah, when I tested it myself, I kept space pressed all the time without releasing it so I never missed the score, but you're right about it. And concerning the music, it was clearly rushed tbh. I'm trying to get good with DAWs but it takes time.

A rather original idea. You could have improved graphics a bit since you had 30 min left :)

Thank you! Cactusquid is a big inspiration for this kind of visuals :)

That's a pretty original one, well done !

Well... I'm sorry but apparently there are some issues with game maker's HTML5 port with safari. Maybe with another browser, IDK, I don't have any apple device to test that.

Yeah, no time to add that checkpoint feature, so it turned out pretty stupid hard.

what's your device ?

A cool game, that's why autoclick is a good thing.

That was a great entry ! Can you actually beat mom ?

interessting gameplay, plus that face on the glass x)

Great gameplay with cool art and cool music. Love these synthwave vibes.

Well I'm not sure to understand what you are talking about the game that you could play on keyboard, but thank you for your comment ;)