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Thank you so much for the feedback. I learned a lot about assuming things during this game lol, I also agree with the karma system, it was a little weaker than I had intended, so I'm likely going to do exactly what you suggested on it. Thanks for the wonderful feedback.

So, first of all I didn't actually play this, just watched someone try. There was SO MUCH text on black background, up to the point of literally an ENTIRE chapter of Romance of the Three Kingdoms. Game design 101, Show don't tell. There was so much missed opportunity to translate an epic tale of war, betrayal and regicide and not even a tiny bit of that came through. The translation was rough, to the point that there was a lot that was not even translated at all, but that could be forgiven if the game was engaging in the slightest. It wasn't.

I really wanted to come into this not being overly harsh, because I believe that all games have the potential to be good, and I hold that true here. You have the bones of your story already told for you, what you need to do is make the characters your own, make them engaging, make them matter. Dynasty Warriors has been a franchise for decades now, everyone knows the basics of who these characters are. Half your work is done, so make your own twist on these classic heroes, and for the love of RNGesus work on your gameplay.

I don't know what to say about this. I am going to be honest that I didn't even play it myself, just watched someone stream it. I'm not sure if that made it MORE boring, or if that is just because the game is as basic as basic can be. I'm with Indrah below on that this feels like someone learning the engine, which is fantastic, but maybe a major contest like this isn't really the place to get your feet wet? If this is a dev who knows what they are doing, what were you thinking?

Once again, another masterpiece in the making by zDS. I'm a little jealous because we both used similar mechanics, and I feel like zDS did it better. The art, as always, is very appealing. I really enjoy that you used Celtic creatures and lore and were pretty faithful in looks and lore. The characters were appealing and felt like real people as well. Keep making good stuff.

only one thing to say. #sticksupremacy.

Thanks for playing and the feedback. I 100% should have given some tutorial, but went fully into 'the player can figure it out' mentality and that was a mistake lol.

It was not at all okay to make me cry like that! Really good game, important message and well written characters.

Thanks so much for giving it a try and the feedback. I agree with things failing to be explained. I really dropped the ball there and am kicking myself over it.

I should have added in a tutorial for that, you actual gain xp each time you devour them and the requirements for the next bonus increases as you go up to 9 levels. I appreciate the feedback and glad you managed to beat it without too much trouble.

An interesting concept, but the lack of music and sound really makes it hard to engage with. The combat is awkward and floaty, and the AI pathfinding is really really terrible. I wasn't sure what to expect going in, since there is literally no screen shots, but this feels extremely unfinished, even for a demo.

I really liked the potential of this game, it looked good for the most part, but there are a lot of mismatched assets that really stand out. Also the translation is rough, I lost track of pretty much everything by the point that I took over as the main character. I don't understand the reason to choose two characters, if one is not available why not remove that option in this version? The voice over work was pretty neat, I really liked the intro scene.

I really liked the potential of this game, it looked good for the most part, but there are a lot of mismatched assets that really stand out. Also the translation is rough, I lost track of pretty much everything by the point that I took over as the main character. I don't understand the reason to choose two characters, if one is not available why not remove that option in this version? The voice over work was pretty neat, I really liked the intro scene.

I enjoyed this, it was really cute. I realize that time constraints are probably the reason, but there was a lot of black screen text to read through, good text that it was, and the battles were really simple. Still an enjoyable experience over all though. 

A really good looking battle arena game with a solid and well written story. One of my favorites I've played so far for sure.

Unfortunately, the plot was not as fleshed out as I originally planned, bad time management on my end.

Once again another interesting and fun concept by KV. I enjoyed this though my arm hurts from all the clicks.

The art is adorable and the story is well written. I'm not a huge fan of hidden objects games, but this was worth playing through for everything else it brings. If you are a fan of hidden objects this is totally worth your time.

I really had a fun time with this, especially since I was able to break it in a few places. I adore the main character's disposition that is totally oblivious to the world around it. Very cute, want more.

Thanks, I really appreciate that.

Legends Untamed

A lesson in adorableness

Legends Untamed is an RPG Maker game that wears it’s influence on it’s sleeve. If you are unaware of what that influence is, this may not be the game for you. Starting with cute pixel art and adorable monster designs, the game goes right into letting you jump right into catching monsters. No running about for an hour of exposition before you get into why you are here. The three starters are incredibly adorable and fun, but the real treat is when you see all the other monster designs, especially the Sworgi.

Surprised or not, this is still a very good boy.

The game is great to look at, but there is still some balancing that needs to be done. One thing existing games get right is that your starter should be stronger than the monsters you run into in the starting area. I’ve played this game since it’s first iteration as a gamejam entry and the balance has swung like a pendulum, from extremely easy to very hard to nearly balanced as it is now. I have no real complaints, but a bit more testing could benefit this.

Another small issue I find is that the game does not take full advantage of going full screen, I am unsure if this is a design choice, a limitation of the hardware or just something they have not gotten to you, but it’s not as appealing as it could be to play this in full screen.

What happens if I reach the void? I fear it is watching me…

The game includes a nice Rest ability that acts as defend, it also restores a small amount of HP and SP, not a lot, but enough to make traveling just a little easier on the player. The game has a vibe, a mix of fantasy and modern, but not like the jrpgs of yesteryear, there are no steam engines and blimps. You see TVs and airplanes, but your characters live in small villages and dress as knights and witches. You would think this would make the game feel all over the place, but it’s very cohesive and works well within the game world. Despite all these positive design choices, you do occasionally see something that feels a bit jarring, or in this case barren.

You are exposing yourself menu screen

The menu screen shows very little information and feels lacking. This is an early enough build and there could be plans for changes, but something that fits into the theme of the game would be really nice to look at, like how Pokemon uses a bag for inventory. This is not the worst possible thing that you could encounter, but it is just a bit of a let down/

The game gives you the option to switch out party members at any time, which is very nice when you come across the next cute monster you want to use. One decision that boggles my mind is forcing the starter to be stuck in the party. As great as Mossloth is, this really puts a hamper on my desire for a party entirely made of Sworgis.

The combat in the game has changed a lot from the original version, going from the type of attack (powerful, agile, smart, ect) to the standard elemental strength and weaknesses. While this is an easier to understand system it’s a little disappointing, especially as it seems there are only 3 elements that I can see so far. I hope more elements will come into play or that perhaps the devs will revisit the old combat system, it added a lot to the game.

Trainer battles are on a whole other level.

I have not said much about the story, but it is a fairly standard affair. An evil team intends to take over the world with the power of crystals and only this monster raising child can stop them. The dialogue is funny and well written, but it is certainly not the heart of the game. While this is still a very short experience, it has come so far from the first iteration I played, and i thought that one was pretty amazing.

Graphics - 8/10

Overall the graphics in this are great, there was a lot of effort put into the pixel art and it looks great. The monster designs are wonderful and fun, but where this stumbles is in the UI choices. The default RPG maker boxes and hp bars, as well as the very basic menu screen leave a lot to be desired.

Music - 8/10

While I’ve not found anything that I’d listen to outside the game, the music fits nicely and does it’s job well. It adds to the atmosphere in a good way and is not a pain to listen to.

Gameplay - 9/10

This is where the game shines for sure, overall it is a ton of fun to fight and recruit monsters, but the very basic elemental system and need for balance hurts it just a little bit. It is going in the right direction, I’ve listed above my issues with it, and perhaps I am alone, but either way this is going to be a fun game.

Fun Factor - 8/10

Overall this is a very fun experience, there is a good variety of monsters, and exploring is nice. There is a lack of areas to explore sadly, and the battles tend to drag on or end up a bit too hard, but in general it is still really fun, do not pass it up.

Overall - 8/10

I can’t say enough how well made this game is, there is so much heart put into it, especially in the art design. It as an experience worth having, and as the game grows I can only imagine it getting better. It is still a bit rough around the edges, but those are things that can easily be overlooked in pursuit of the real jewel of this game, An army of Sworgis.

They come in different flavors!

An amazing and unique entry as expected from Berry. I was lost the entire time but I enjoyed it.

This is the kind of LGBT+ content that we need, more of this please.

That was my experience as well, the game is not well balanced, and once you finally get strong enough to grind through an area you find that the next area is insanely stronger.

Final update has made the game able to be completed. Sorry for those who got stuck.

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Gotta admit, this is my favorite entry so far. I loved how different it felt, how casual everything was, but how dark and twisted. As an outsider, you see that things are just terrible, and everything is not right, but this girl just casually goes with it. 

I'm not sure what to say about this game. It was a pretty unique experience, but the controls were confusing and escape just closes the game. I wanted to give it a solid try but I could not get into it. The music was jamming though!

A pretty solid game, with a unique concept! I adored the art, as I usually do by anything berry makes. I can't talk about it too much without spoilers, but despite some difficulty spikes, it is well worth your time.

I was hoping that a game combing the characterization of Berry and the mapping and sprites of Truecynder would look amazing, and I was not disappointed. This game is amazing, and the story is quite the twist. I admit that the characters could have been fleshed out a tad bit better, as they felt not quite complete, but the story was great and there was one part that I totally did not expect and absolutely loved. I felt that the battles were a bit unbalanced, either lasting far too long or destroying me far too quickly. With no ability to level up, this was a bit difficult to handle in an rpg.

Overall this is a great entry that hits the heart of the jam well, and if you are reading this review you would be better spent playing the game.

I really enjoyed the card system here. It's a bit clunky, but it is intuitive enough that after my first death I was able to pick it up even without a tutorial. There is the start of a good story here, and with more time I feel like the dev could have really done something amazing. I really enjoy the simple 1d art style and colors. I hope this gets fleshed out into a full game in the future.

Your praise honors me. Thank you so much for your feedback and kind words Starmage!

Wow just these little details make all the difference in giving these empty sprites such personality!

Feel free to message me anytime, I'd be glad to show you how I used money mechanics in my project, it's all very simple.

This was a pretty interesting concept, and it was nice to see that there is obviously lore to the world here. It was a bit unbalanced, the fish really broke things. I'd love to see a less rushed version of this without the jam limitations.

I enjoyed the tongue-in-cheek humor behind having to use money for everything. I actually did a similar concept in my entry. I have to say that the execution left a lot to be desired. The maps were not great, and the battles and gameplay over all was fairly bland.

What a terrible unbalanced mess! No I'm kidding, the combat was a bit off, but the story was cute and simple, felt like something my kids would come up with while playing pretend.

Thank you very much for giving it a play and for your feedback. I did end up erring on the side of easy for balance, initially it was a lot harder but with a 30 minute time limit I figured it would be better to go easy. I'm glad you were able to get through it, I know there is a few bugs I need to work out.