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Don't feel in a hurry, none of my other attempts even got close  -- I think I got pretty lucky with my ingredients that round!

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Oh man, this is really fun and I feel like I'm just starting to get the hang of it. Best game score 354, best cake score 111, that'll do for now. :)

Edit: Okay, now best game/cake is 675/362 and I feel a bit more pleased with myself.

Thanks very much!

Thanks Jupiter!

This is cute as heck! I love all the art, especially the player sprite. It'd be nice if the camera position let me see a bit further ahead, especially when doubling back through an area -- I couldn't always tell where a jump was going to go, that kind of thing. You did a nice job introducing the controls (after the basic ones) through level design, like "hmm I can't get out of here unless I can double jump, oh hey I can double jump!" Looking forward to seeing what else you make! :)

This is terrific, thank you! :D Glad you had fun, even if it took a little adjusting. There really should be a difficulty level in between Tourist and Adventurer -- I'm not sure if there's room in the cart for it but I'll take another peek and see if I can find it, you're definitely not the first person who would've liked it, haha.

Thanks Leaf! I'm pleasantly surprised how well the combination worked out, haha.

Introducing the Fish and the Furious, a Pico-8 driving-while-also-fishing game.  Race to hit the checkpoints while catching enough fish to keep your car fueled! You can even play with a buddy (not pictured here because I'm not coordinated enough to record that).

Indeed. This is why I always mix it up; I'm not choosing or thinking about them especially. :P I'm pretty much determined that next time I'll just put the letters in the game, though, or perhaps both. It annoys Pico-8 folks but that seems worth it in order to make it so other people can figure out how to play!

I'm delighted to announce Dragondell, a cute retro stealth adventure written for the Pico-8 and playable in your browser on Avoid the knights (or roast them with fireballs), collect the treasure, and get all the royals back to their home castles.

I'm trading development trivia for RTs on Twitter right now. Take a gander if you're curious, or if you'd be kind enough to signal boost!

Oh heck I ALWAYS get this backwards. I'll fix it.

This is super satisfying to play on a touchscreen. The difficulty seems well-balanced -- I played a bunch and won once, which feels about right. Winning was a little anticlimactic, and I agree with the idea of quests (or other structure/variety), but in general this is really impressive and fun.