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[spoilers] village by sokpop

A topic by jakeyouh created Apr 09, 2019 Views: 663 Replies: 3
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village by sokpop
play at

i am trying to figure out how to village. there are a lot of things that are not making sense to me.

  • [ !!! SPOILERS !!! ]
    so far i have discovered:
    -[stick] + [rock] = [hammer]
    -[hammer] + [person] = [person with hammer]
    -[person with hammer] + [boulder] = [rock]
    -[rock] + [rock] = [2 rocks]
    -[2 rocks] + [rock] = [3 rocks]
    -[rock] + [person with hammer] = [smooshed rock]
    -[smooshed rock] + [person with hammer] = [sharp orange]
    -[smooshed rock] + [tall grass] = [grass bundle]
    -[grass bundle] + [person] = [rope]
    -[rope] + [smooshed rock] = [batarang]
    -[person with hammer] + click! = [person] & [hammer]
    -[3 rocks] + click! = [2 rocks] & [rock]
    -[2 rocks] + click! = [rock] & [rock]
    -[smooshed rock] + [rock] OR [smooshed rock] = [temporary sparks]

i have tried a bunch of combinations with what i've got at this point, but i have no idea what to do. i forsee making fire? cutting trees?


you are right

i have since realized that i can open the game up in edit mode and read the rules to figure out how to progress when i get stuck! i feel a little goofy about having started this thread, but maybe my post can give someone the help they were looking for without having to page through the rules themself, which is a lil overwhelming imo

(1 edit)

this post was indeed helpful for that, and also as a recommendation for this game. :) but how do you open a game in edit mode? I don’t see a way to do that from the web interface, and I don’t know how to search for a specific game in the desktop app.

edit: never mind, found it! I was just browsing through the randomizer at the beginning of the app, I didn’t realize that if I go further into the edit screen I can also search the shared library from there.