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sixty-two points!!!!!!

waaaaugh!!! too cool \(*o*)/

oh. i don't think samanthuel made any of the songs, so i don't think she's allowed to make money off them bundled together in that way. if you wanna give her money you donate via any of the other works on her itch,io page!

someone beat me to it


the song's are all in the credits........... want me to make a youtube playlist for u? i could do that,


ty !! :- ) mysterious machines are truly incredible.... 

glad 2 have been of service 😌

ah! i am just noticing that on mobile, the right side of the screen is cut off. does this seem to be the case for you? 

once you visit the woods you are standing on top of an arrow that will take you back to the machine. you can move left then right to go back to the machine screen. 

oh no!! which woods screen? can you get back to the machine room by stepping on the down arrow?

i'm so glad :- ) 

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ah it runs so much smoother now, thank you :- )

none of the video options in the menu work. i click on the left and right arrows to try and change them, but nothing happens. they stay at their default values. just trying to get better fps so the game can be playable 

downloaded an autoclicker to speed things up. took like 15+ seconds at 1 click per 10 milliseconds, lol. 

it's all good!! time 2 figure out what i'm supposed to do with these flares o_O

i was able to fix it by manually changing my computer's display resolution to 4:3, but the biggest 4:3 my computer will let me select is 1024x768. hopefully you can figure out how to fix it from the game's end, but this will do for me for now,, i'm heading back 2 the maze . . . 

the bottom of the screen is still cut off after an un + reinstall!

excited to!! imteract!! once the update rolls in. i've spent like the past 2-3 hours entranced with this videogame :- ) 💌

is the bottom of the screen supposed to look like it's cut off? i keep feeling like i'm missing something 😳

i love this game. i wish i knew how to make the flashy mushroom reveal itself within a level because sometimes i feel like i walk back and forth like 4 or 5 times across the entire level and i can find the red key!! but not the flashy mushroom:- (

i adore both the audio and the character modeling. super charming game :- )

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yeah! there's an animal overview in the test version. you can find the link to the test server in their discord

EDIT: the animal overview just got patched into the live version! from the main menu, hit customize, then animals

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that's the test version! you can find the link to the test server in their discord

EDIT: new animals available in the new update for $5!

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almost definitely being the first person to see that is pretty exciting! i really love the music there.

idk if you plan on adding more to the game (augustine elevator electricity being off leads me to believe maybe???) but here's something i thought had some potantial: if you know the fireplace death rectangle is coming you can dodge it! 

with that EdZone1 secret i have 100% completion :- ) ty for making such a cool game! the levels synchronized to music were my favorites :- )

phew! thank you for the help, i finally made it. it's wild how even with this knowledge it took me like 7+ separate tries to make that jump D=
just a heads up! i've gotten the game to consistently crash by trying to open the map in the room this secret takes you to

  • Added super secret easter egg to EdSpace Zone 1 which probably nobody will ever work out how to get to

i have tried rolling the 25% augustine chance and bouncing one slime on top of another to elevate one of them one level

i have tried doing a ledge jump instead of a regular run + jump

i have ran through edspace1 so many times i feel like i could top a speedrun board for it

and yet,, i cannot jump to the far top ledge in the final spike drop level there. 
i need a hint, the answer, something.

my children are dying

i think i'm done with a 31/36 gems found. it was a lovely game but i can't find any guides online and the final 5 gems feel like they're way beyond my patience.  spoilers below, feel free to reply with spoilers if you know the path thru my struggles and wanna drop hints or solutions or even just to commiserate if you're stuck at these parts, too:





everything below is going to sound like a bunch of complaining because instead of talking about what i liked about the game (a lot!) i am talking about what i didn't understand.

i found my way to the mimic chest and the dragon boss, but there is nothing there to teach me what i'm supposed to do. i can dodge their attacks, bounce the chest off my head, or drop the falling platform on to the dragon's head all i want, but it feels like i'm in an infinite loop. idk what i'm supposed to do in these situations, super frustrating.

the moles bothered me, too. i'm told they're shy, so i've gotta wait around for them to appear in the correct location. one of the hints is "near the factory gate". this one feels like the easiest hint to me, so i rush to the room called 'factory gate'. i wait around in 3 different spots in this room until my character falls asleep. nothing. i wait until i fall asleep in the two adjacent rooms, because maybe near means next to instead of in the 'factory gate' room. nothing. super frustrating. i give up on the moles because if i can't figure out what feels like the easiest hint, i see no point in attempting the others.

according to the node map in the ice cave by the weird pot, there's 7 rooms in the grid that don't exist/aren't enterable: a 2x2 group of four in the top left, and a line of three in the middle bottom. assuming these will always be empty on the map, there are only 6 rooms i haven't entered: one on the far right closer to the top, one on the far left in the middle, and a backwards L shape near the dragon boss. none of the rooms adjacent to any of these have an opening in the node wall to indicate an entrance, so i'm assuming they're only accessible by some sorta secret? the one on the far left is marked on the weird pot map, so i'm assuming it's enterable somehow. this is a little less frustrating than the bits i talked about above because i don't feel stupid about it, like there's something obvious that i'm supposed to get that i'm missing. instead i just feel like i don't have enough patience or wit to puzzle out these zones, which is fine. i never figured out what to do with the arrows from the room named "illegible" next to the lantern, so that probably factors in somehow. i think a flame buddy said there was another code somewhere else, and each code gets entered at the site of the other? i never found another code though :(



all that aside this was a super charming game. the way there's no music in the beginning and you have to puzzle out how to grab the radio is super cool and sets an eerie vibe. i like how you have the option to NOT pick up the radio after loading a save if you want to return to musiclessness. 

i love the weird voxelly world map. it almost has a claymation vibe to it.

there are a lot of charming moments in npc dialogue and with level design or room titles. quirky and cute :- )

ty for making and sharing!!!!

ty haha! i was trying to hit that fake pokémon/yugioh/magic card vibe 😂🔘

:- ) <3


oh, do me do me!

this is fantastic 😍✨

i'm assuming you got it from the bundle, too? i've been really enjoying this game! :- )

i got to the 5th and final area for the first time today (and died horrendously)! maybe i can help? if you send me a game seed that gave you trouble i can take a crack at it! 

after feeling gaslit by the game saying i took 700 seconds to finish (there's NO WAY that was 10 minutes) i figured out you get a time penalty for deaths. 

i started a stopwatch on my phone the moment i began the round, and after a run where i died 0 times my phone said i took 1 minute and 15 seconds (75 seconds), but the game said i took 123 seconds.???.?

is there a penalty for messing up a combo?? like what else is happening i am SUFFERING for this beat the game sub 2 minutes achievement 

cute game!

it didn't work on my laptop trackpad, i had to plug in a mouse to be able to scroll for the main menu button. it'd be cool to have an alternative! up and down arrow keys, maybe?

aaaa thank youuu😭💖💖

😊✨💖💝💕💝💖🌸🌸!!!!! i'm so glad you like it!! happy new year :- )