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omg that's embarrassing !!! thank you so much for the help :- )


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i am making a world in the level editor!! for some reason i have two rooms in the below floor level 1 that don't want to link up. did i do something wrong? images below are screenshots from the level editor and from test play. if i walk against the wall where room (-1, 0, -1) and room (0, 0, -1)'s walkable paths connect, i just bonk into the wall instead of transitioning from room to room.

i love VIDEOGAME !!!!!!!!!!!—

me when there's chaos in the courthouse: "lol there's chaos in the courthouse 🤭🤭🤭"

an advanced technique! thanks for sharing.

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they are the people who know about and ally with The Protector, a nonverbal immortal cyclops blobperson who is all that remains of The Progenitor, who lived further back than anyone can remember and split themselves into three pieces (including The Plant and The Pool)

best mod

wasd doesn't control the game and the up and down arrow keys are scrolling the itch page AND controlling the game at the same time . . . 😭😭😭 it's very disorientating. a hidden bonus layer of game design 👀

i know how i have to rotate it to exit, i've done it before. i've been on the vodoo doll screen for 5 minutes doing tiny adjustments and it won't let me leave :( am i just bad at rotating 3D objects or is this some kind of bug? i'm on the windows version if that helps

omfg this goes SO hard with the suggested music i'm sobbingggggggggg

😁yeah..! made this very recently in a one-week gamejam :- ) a nice reminder about what exactly is possible within a single week

it's real.........


Takedown notice for Setris - itch.io

thank-you Spooktown4000! :- )

dang.. maybe in the potential future where there's CSNZ dlc... not currently possible 😔 (except in our imaginations 😌) 

i love it when art students are given unlimited power

love these little spherical creatures

that opening screen deserves an award. cried laughing, completely blindsided

proud of you for making it to the end :- ) 🏆

now are you up to the challenge of doing it again after typing in the cheat code 💪😈😈🔥

play the game again but type in cheat code "normalmen"

ty alara bread 😭😭😭😭💖

this kicks ass



i give this game a score of 10/10 bugs, a perfect score!! thanks for sharing this on the internet

was too afraid to try and figure out flagging from mobile... but i did it!! :- ) love 2 play minesweeper 😊


:- )

stupendous application. thank u for your service

i frantically swipe a singular index finger like so: qweruiop[asdfghjkl;Zxcvbnm,.
upon performing this action i become partially enlightened.
i figure out which button does which.
i run out of time. but i'd like to imagine that i'm happy. i try again
--albert camus 2022

sixty-two points!!!!!!

waaaaugh!!! too cool \(*o*)/

oh. i don't think samanthuel made any of the songs, so i don't think she's allowed to make money off them bundled together in that way. if you wanna give her money you donate via any of the other works on her itch,io page!

someone beat me to it