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there's a window that can save/load the view. You need to open it in your Effekseer program, and then load the 'Good view.view' file.

It's just a camera view perspective that I think will be good to export. :)

Yuppp! No problem! Any feedback is much appreciated.

Hello, thank you for playing, and I'm very happy that you enjoy the game!

The issue should have been fixed by now. Kindly update it to the new version. :)

Yess, thanks for the encouragement! It's at this time around the game development where self-doubt begins to strike me. xD

The facial expression right now is just a guidance for me to put the details. It could be ended as a fun face, tho.

Update: I got it working by using the previous version (1.52g)!

Thx again!

Still no luck with restarting. I will try to redownload I guess.

Err, I tried to change the texture, but it doesn't do anything on the viewer. Anyone knows why?


Can't play the gameee, X / A doesn't work

At first I thought there was the 'invisible' among the 'visible' that we must let one of the group to steal our treasure. But that might not be the case for greedy king. xD

thanks for everyone who take their time to play my game!
I got immediately sick and fever after the jam, I'm so afraid that it was COVID-19 that I start focusing on recovery. Now I can finally try the other jammer's game.

Yes, let's give it a hidden twist and make it to not just be another rogue-like game. Good luck everyone!

Sounds like the essence of rogue-like game, doesn't it?

It should be from opengameart website. It's calle wild-road-loop. I think I got it back then, not sure when tho. Check it out! :)

Gotcha, thanks for clearing it out with examples! Really appreciate it.

Can anyone give a bit of light about the theme limitation? Maybe an example in a game term.


Yesss,  I'm getting curious myself to see how is it look like in a playable version. Dungeon crawling is always my favorite game. Wish me luck!

Thank you for playing the game!

Don't worry, it's not finished yet, and the first stage is still empty. :D

Yeah, let's keep jamming and learn more!

Thank you for playing the game!

It's still very raw and the first stage haven't been done yet. Still figuring how to implement things.

I guess we should just have to bounce between work fields to keep the interest high. Thank you for sharing your workflow!

Gotcha! Thank you for sharing!

Which one do you tackle first when starting a project? Is there any plus/minus in starting with one subject?

I'm not really a 'programmer' myself and more into an 'artistic' person. So this kind of question always pops out whenever I want to start a new project.

What do you think?
Thank you!

Whoa, thank you for trying the game! If I remember correctly, you're the one from RoastMyGame website. :D

I really having a hard time for now to develop a new game. Wish me luck to overcome this problem and come back to game development.

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Yeah, there's still no scale or growing challenge in the game. Still tweaking with the core.

Thank you for playing the game and feedback!

Hello Namii94,

yeah, it's really plain right now. The core mechanic still got messed up for me to begin to touch the visual stage. The simple way to put it up is: you have to crush the walls but not the other bombs. Thanks for the suggestion!


Hey there greenworks, thank you for playing the game! I'm so glad that you like it overall.

For the control of the angle to adjust with A-D, I actually try to make something like that before, but can't make it work. Still learning to use the game engine, and a simple task like adding rotation is so hard to figure out. Congrats on making it to 80! The last cliff is a little tricky, but when you know it, it will be easier than the 50.

Yup, I hope I can explore the platformer genre some more in the future. Give it a try next time. 
Thanks again for the suggestion and feedbacks! Really encouraging. :)


Hello Thoof, thank you for playing the game! :)

I guess it really needs some kind of tutorial/instruction at the current stage. Going to make an update for it.

Nice! Thank you for playing our entry!
Yes, almost took us an entire month just to complete the game arts, glad you like it. :D

Thank you for the first buyer, whoever you are, thank you very much!

Enjoy! :)