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I've noticed that you mentioned in your rating that instead of crashing on startup, the game instead doesn't start on "Press any key to start" menu, it's... a very different issue than from crashing to desktop.

Please, keep in mind, that if you'd like me to fix the bug, i *really* need more information regardless of issues, developing programs is hard, so if there's anything you can add to describe the problem, it would greatly help!

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Currently Mac version is untested, and i have no possible ways of getting a Mac PC to playtest the builds myself to make sure they are working, hence why i was asking the community to help me out with the playtesting of both versions,

I can vouch for Windows version working perfectly, but for those platforms it's rather unclear to me, since i have no experience working with them.

I've used Unity's default compiler for Mac, i assume i may have to tweak some things over there to make sure it works, hm.

If you have any more information you could add, it would greatly help.

Information such as:

1) Your current version of the OS

2) The hardware of your Mac OS PC.

So far from what i've researched, it may have been a bug within unity, that when you apply compression on Windows, it corrupts the Mac package. I'll try to post a repack without compression to see if it will work.

Thanks for the feedback, and for the bug report, i'll see what i can do about it!

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---------------Ver 0.02_QuickFix from 06.10.2018---------------

-Camera movement with gamepad has been fixed. Apologies for inconvinience.

---------------Ver 0.02 from 06.10.2018---------------
-Adjusted underwater colors
-fixed hub's water sometimes disappearing near walls (just some dumb occulusion issues were messing with it.)
-fixed the issue with continue button not working (reference apparently got removed. weird)
-temporal test for animation on slope
-fixed black shaders(?)
-untied physics from input.
-movement is now more velocity based.
-boost pads now hold you in the direction more apropriately.
-added camera/pivot rotation with right stick/mouse and nuked automation of the camera. More freedom
-controls have been changed to fit the new control scheme.
-moved the blackout effect to hide the hud
-fixed a bug that let you boost into the skydive and remain boosted
-added new auto springs that probs can be used in level design.
-untied more stuff from framerate (needs testing on more powerful pcs. pls help)
-jumping off rails is a bit better now. (Though i am planning on rewriting rails entirely.)
-jumping heights are consistent now when running
-fixed some delays being too long.
-drifting adjusted for the new controls
-destroyed enemies when collided with other enemies now make them explode
-added voice volume slider;
-added music volume slider;
-added SFX volume slider;
-untied dialogue button from jumping, instead it's gonna use SELECT now.
-now uses a compression method that should speed up the loading times
-added random idles for sanic(sonic only, nothing for shadlad)
-added death animation (no hit animation just yet though, also not avaliable for shadow for now.)
-main menu has been redesigned/reworked
-slightly improved performance in hub world on all settings
-fixed yet another double mouth issue
-tied some untied stuff to the script master
-untied lock on's physics from framerate
-also fixed Lock On's behaviour, now should hit targets 100%(i hope) without making player go nuts under them.
-slightly improved framerate in general.
-upgraded to the latest version of Unity

things in progress:

-boss system
-button layout switch for controllers (aka it's something that would be in options, you'll have an option to switch between x360 and PS3/4 controller layouts)

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Just don't be dicks towards each other.

Also don't post nsfw content. 

i think that's obvious.

also all hail and praise Lost World, the best modern Sonic game.

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Ask stuff here, be it game related or nay.


Common questions answered:

Q: Is it made in Bumper Engine/Hedge Physics?
A: No. That would explain why its so terrible. All custom code. It does however  run in Unity just like BE/HP.

Q: When will the demo be available?
A: I guess you can call the dev-build a demo. but really its just a build i wanted to release as a thanks to people who kept following the development of this project, even though its buggy and unfinished, it's something you can play around with.

Q: Where are the levels? A: Levels are actually much more difficult to make than i thought. I am taking the feedback seriously but i don't know if i can handle it alone.

Q: Is it an Engine for making Sonic games?
A: No, right now it is planned to be a fan-game with my own levels and features. However, if i will not be able to support the project some time in the future, I'll be considering open sourcing it up and changing it's direction for the community.

Q: Alright, then what about modding support?
A: Experimenting with that, currently untested.

Q: What's taking so long?
A: Life. As short as that, sorry.

Q: Feature X is missing, why?
A: Either i am not able to implement it, or haven't got around to do it. My time is in a weird position right now, so i don't know if the project will get somewhere or not.

Q: Discord?
A: None for now.

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Aware of:

1) Sometimes while boosting collision acts weirdly.

2) Rails while work, speed change only works in one direction and jumping off is buggy.

Somewhat improved in 0.02, rails will be rewritten later.

3) Shadow's super form doesn't work for now due to it being unfinished.

4) Yes animations are missing.(Mainly being damaged and drowning ones) + some of the imported ones play incorrectly.

^Bear with me until i get a PC upgrade to be able to import them all into one .Blend file so unity will not go nuts when being compiled. As

for why some of them look off, its because blender's FBX importer for some reason messes up with some animations, so i have to correct them manually. It takes time too.

5) High settings cause some shaders to go black, as a workaround use low or high end settings.

should be fixed in v0.02

6) Jumping on not straight surfaces is a bit broken, i am aware.

should be fixed in v0.02

7) Red Rings status doesn't appear over any other stages other than Sonic's sandbox.

8) If jumping onto itembox from the side it launches you far into space.

9) Pulleys acting a bit inconsistent when pulling you up.

should be fixed in v0.02

10) Game freezes for a moment when reaching the goal ring the first time, after that it runs just fine. Not sure why this happens, but it just does.

11) changing level takes some time even after the loading screen says its loaded. Please wait when it happens.

Loading times have been improved with the new compression system in v0.02 Freezing should also happen less.


ISSUES UNKNOWN. Please report something if you are using said platform, developer doesn't own any Linux pc therefore can't test.

ISSUES UNKNOWN. Please report something if you are using said platform, developer doesn't own any MAC pc therefore can't test.

Ver 0.02 bugs:

-Some people report issues with the camera, however need more information on that. 
fixed in quickfix

-In Hub World, pause buttons don't respond for whatever reason. I guess when switching platforms references broke. sigh.