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Bugs and feedback Sticky

A topic by ReBoostedDev created Aug 14, 2018 Views: 68
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Developer (11 edits)


Aware of:

1) Sometimes while boosting collision acts weirdly.

2) Rails while work, speed change only works in one direction and jumping off is buggy.

Somewhat improved in 0.02, rails will be rewritten later.

3) Shadow's super form doesn't work for now due to it being unfinished.

4) Yes animations are missing.(Mainly being damaged and drowning ones) + some of the imported ones play incorrectly.

^Bear with me until i get a PC upgrade to be able to import them all into one .Blend file so unity will not go nuts when being compiled. As

for why some of them look off, its because blender's FBX importer for some reason messes up with some animations, so i have to correct them manually. It takes time too.

5) High settings cause some shaders to go black, as a workaround use low or high end settings.

should be fixed in v0.02

6) Jumping on not straight surfaces is a bit broken, i am aware.

should be fixed in v0.02

7) Red Rings status doesn't appear over any other stages other than Sonic's sandbox.

8) If jumping onto itembox from the side it launches you far into space.

9) Pulleys acting a bit inconsistent when pulling you up.

should be fixed in v0.02

10) Game freezes for a moment when reaching the goal ring the first time, after that it runs just fine. Not sure why this happens, but it just does.

11) changing level takes some time even after the loading screen says its loaded. Please wait when it happens.

Loading times have been improved with the new compression system in v0.02 Freezing should also happen less.


ISSUES UNKNOWN. Please report something if you are using said platform, developer doesn't own any Linux pc therefore can't test.

ISSUES UNKNOWN. Please report something if you are using said platform, developer doesn't own any MAC pc therefore can't test.

Ver 0.02 bugs:

-Some people report issues with the camera, however need more information on that. 
fixed in quickfix

-In Hub World, pause buttons don't respond for whatever reason. I guess when switching platforms references broke. sigh.