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mac version help

A topic by soni_fire created Oct 09, 2018 Views: 50 Replies: 4
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wont even start on mac and me and my friends really want to play it.

Developer (1 edit)

Currently Mac version is untested, and i have no possible ways of getting a Mac PC to playtest the builds myself to make sure they are working, hence why i was asking the community to help me out with the playtesting of both versions,

I can vouch for Windows version working perfectly, but for those platforms it's rather unclear to me, since i have no experience working with them.

I've used Unity's default compiler for Mac, i assume i may have to tweak some things over there to make sure it works, hm.

If you have any more information you could add, it would greatly help.

Information such as:

1) Your current version of the OS

2) The hardware of your Mac OS PC.

So far from what i've researched, it may have been a bug within unity, that when you apply compression on Windows, it corrupts the Mac package. I'll try to post a repack without compression to see if it will work.

Thanks for the feedback, and for the bug report, i'll see what i can do about it!

can't wait to play it!


I've noticed that you mentioned in your rating that instead of crashing on startup, the game instead doesn't start on "Press any key to start" menu, it's... a very different issue than from crashing to desktop.

Please, keep in mind, that if you'd like me to fix the bug, i *really* need more information regardless of issues, developing programs is hard, so if there's anything you can add to describe the problem, it would greatly help!

I will press any key the music will play, but it won't let me start the game.