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Ask stuff here Sticky

A topic by ReBoostedDev created Aug 14, 2018 Views: 81
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Ask stuff here, be it game related or nay.


Common questions answered:

Q: Is it made in Bumper Engine/Hedge Physics?
A: No. That would explain why its so terrible. All custom code. It does however  run in Unity just like BE/HP.

Q: When will the demo be available?
A: I guess you can call the dev-build a demo. but really its just a build i wanted to release as a thanks to people who kept following the development of this project, even though its buggy and unfinished, it's something you can play around with.

Q: Where are the levels? A: Levels are actually much more difficult to make than i thought. I am taking the feedback seriously but i don't know if i can handle it alone.

Q: Is it an Engine for making Sonic games?
A: No, right now it is planned to be a fan-game with my own levels and features. However, if i will not be able to support the project some time in the future, I'll be considering open sourcing it up and changing it's direction for the community.

Q: Alright, then what about modding support?
A: Experimenting with that, currently untested.

Q: What's taking so long?
A: Life. As short as that, sorry.

Q: Feature X is missing, why?
A: Either i am not able to implement it, or haven't got around to do it. My time is in a weird position right now, so i don't know if the project will get somewhere or not.

Q: Discord?
A: None for now.