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PATCH NOTES FOR Ver 0.02 Sticky

A topic by ReBoostedDev created Oct 07, 2018 Views: 179
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Developer (3 edits)

---------------Ver 0.02_QuickFix from 06.10.2018---------------

-Camera movement with gamepad has been fixed. Apologies for inconvinience.

---------------Ver 0.02 from 06.10.2018---------------
-Adjusted underwater colors
-fixed hub's water sometimes disappearing near walls (just some dumb occulusion issues were messing with it.)
-fixed the issue with continue button not working (reference apparently got removed. weird)
-temporal test for animation on slope
-fixed black shaders(?)
-untied physics from input.
-movement is now more velocity based.
-boost pads now hold you in the direction more apropriately.
-added camera/pivot rotation with right stick/mouse and nuked automation of the camera. More freedom
-controls have been changed to fit the new control scheme.
-moved the blackout effect to hide the hud
-fixed a bug that let you boost into the skydive and remain boosted
-added new auto springs that probs can be used in level design.
-untied more stuff from framerate (needs testing on more powerful pcs. pls help)
-jumping off rails is a bit better now. (Though i am planning on rewriting rails entirely.)
-jumping heights are consistent now when running
-fixed some delays being too long.
-drifting adjusted for the new controls
-destroyed enemies when collided with other enemies now make them explode
-added voice volume slider;
-added music volume slider;
-added SFX volume slider;
-untied dialogue button from jumping, instead it's gonna use SELECT now.
-now uses a compression method that should speed up the loading times
-added random idles for sanic(sonic only, nothing for shadlad)
-added death animation (no hit animation just yet though, also not avaliable for shadow for now.)
-main menu has been redesigned/reworked
-slightly improved performance in hub world on all settings
-fixed yet another double mouth issue
-tied some untied stuff to the script master
-untied lock on's physics from framerate
-also fixed Lock On's behaviour, now should hit targets 100%(i hope) without making player go nuts under them.
-slightly improved framerate in general.
-upgraded to the latest version of Unity

things in progress:

-boss system
-button layout switch for controllers (aka it's something that would be in options, you'll have an option to switch between x360 and PS3/4 controller layouts)