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Love this, such a nicely executed lil game

This was really inventive, love the vibe.

Yes that does, thanks so much!

Hi I'm working on a small game very loosely inspired by Her Story. The player types a keyword into a search bar "display.text" and if valid it takes them to a new part of the game. Very simply I am doing this by creating cards and if the player types in the name of the card it will take them there. I used the following script on the button.

on click do

go[ display.text "SlideLeft"]


Is there a way for me to check for invalid entries so I can display an alert? Currently, it doesn't do anything. I'm not sure if there's a way to create a list of valid keywords and check from that, or else check from the list of cards that are there and go from there.


So glad this exists ❤️

Thank you so much

Haha that was great!

Adorable! I managed to get it going on my Quest 2 via airlink and Stream VR. I could pick up and play with the toys but I'm not sure the pet button works on the Quest controllers.
This  is obviously a super janky way to play, but I did enjoy the environment and hanging out with my dog pal.

This was great. Engrossing. Hope you do come back to do more.

Just a few notes for other less tech savvy people who may be having trouble:
* If you're using this together with Inky.

If you use a json file make with the latest version of inky ( Version 0.12.0 using Ink 1.0) Catmint throws up this error:

ink.js:3581 Uncaught (in promise) Error: Version of ink used to build story was newer than the current version of the engine

    at new Story (ink.js:3581)

    at calico.js:181
Tried it also by reexporting the Winter demo too.

However if I grab 0.11.9 from June last year it works.

* If you get an error trying to run a JS file make sure to download something like node.js

* I think you may also have to add the autosave and memory card patches to the default project before it runs? ( This may be be though)

I'm really excited for this. I've really wanted to make a longer ink game but I lack the skills to do that and Unity just seems like a lot. Looking forward to see how this progresses! 


Just found this really, unique.

Loved the use of Roguelike here to convey a sense of movement. There's a moment you challenge a character for his movements which you can see in the game which was awesome. Since states carried over from party to party it was a little difficult to know if/how I was progressing. Love the idea of using a Roguelike ASCII presentation though.

( Also general advice fullscreen this or you may end up with your Browser scrolling you about!)

Thank you!

Thanks so much. I hope they enjoy it.

Thanks, I did worry I spent too much time building up to it.

Thanks very much for playing it :)

I really enjoyed this. This is a classic SF theme executed really nicely. When the questions come in you really wove in some nice developments. You may want to consider a mild content warning. The story that goes along with the protest image might be upsetting for some people.

( loved the text sound btw makes me super nostalgic)

I'm so glad I played this, it made me jump/laugh in a few places. Some excellent use of visuals and audio. Very polished too!

Thanks very much for playing!


Lovely game, really enjoyed the way you conveyed the passage of time.

Awesome job.

Thanks Adam, great job with the editor.