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This community may help you.

These people may solve the problem.

Many  users of Blitz products can still be found here.  If you face  technical problems, you may get solutions here.

Ok, I see. 

Hello, thanks for answering me. 

Can you ask the related staff what the minimum quanity of game required is?  

Thanks for your answer!!!!! Not too urgent. Please inform the staff.  Thanks again. 

The two games made by the author of the engine were also RCBasic games. My game should be the third game. I think that only three RCBasic games  are on the at the moment. The engine RCBasic is quite new. In addition, the people of RCBasic community are also very shy. However, I will encourage them to show their talents to the whole world.

Hello, the author of this game engine submitted the information of an game engine to the following itch's address some days ago.  
However, the engine list of Itch is still not updated. Can any forum moderator ask related Itch's staff to follow the case? The engine is the following engine. Thank you very much!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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asking here may be better.  More feedbacks.

I rarely use Blitz softwares but  I think that many people still use them here.

Ask here and you may get the solution.

I don't use this software but many people use the software here.

Asking at the following place may be better. You will have more feedbacks.

I suggest that you ask the people here.