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Hi, ok....I see.

Hello, I am looking for games made in BASIC on
After watching the video of this game, I think that this game is so nice. It is an exciting shooting game! By the way, I notice that this game was for submitting to a game contest. The following game jam may be another interesting contest.

Ok....I see. Thanks a lot!!!

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Hello, in the modern world, BASIC is quite suitable for game development.

I listed some choices here:

Hi.......I discover your entry in QB64's contest! Good job! If you are interested in another game jam as well, you can visit this webpage.

Hello, I notice that Hover Boy is a game for a game jam! It looks nice! If you are interested in another game jam, you can visit the following webpage.

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Hi.....I want to say hello to all the entrants. Welcome! Joining this game jam by you is a nice choice. 

If more entrants are in the game jam, the game jam will be much more interesting . Therefore, I postpone the game jam by one month. I hope that many people will join the game jam at last. If you can tell other people the information of the game jam,  your help will be very helpful to the jam, sure. I want to hear your thoughts as well...yes!

Oh, no, because they don't like competitions.

I see. Wishing you well!

Hello, I discover this game webpage. Your game looks classic and interesting!

By the way, since you are interested in game  competition, you may be interested in the following contest.

Hello, I search something on and find:
"I wrote my own engine for DK in BBC BASIC for windows. It isn't really suitable for most types of games,"

Some modern BASIC dialects are quite suitable for different kinds of games. These dialects are:

Hi, thanks.
I hope that the total number of participants will be over 10. Now there are 3 participants. I may postpone the jam by one month but I am not sure.

Hi....this is interesting:

Hi....this is interesting:

Hello, this QB64 Game Jam looks really nice and interesting. Good job!!!

In fact, I created a new game jam, Jam for All BASIC Dialects. If anyone is interested in the jam, please don't hesitate. Yes.....come and join! Using your favourite BASIC dialect to make a creative and fascinating game! I look forward to your participation.

This game looks very interesting. Sure. Oh...C++ looks  hard. May I ask  a question? I read discussions here and discovered that BlitzMaxNG looked versatile. Oh...why not used an easier language(a BASIC dialect) to continue to develop your game? Thanks.,19.0.html

Wow! Thank you very much. 

Okay, I see!

I see, thanks! Actually, the picture is so good!

Just like the above webpage. When I place the mouse pointer over a picture, this picture will shake. How to do this? Thank you very much!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I believe that GameMaker Studio is very good. 

Hello......what was the program used by you to create this picture? Thanks.

Hello, you developed the 1989 version in PureBASIC:

"1989 - Pure BASIC on Amstrad CPC and not really implemented any internals. Just a selfrunning demo:"

Sometimes I read discussions on the following webpage. Those people develop games in modern PureBasic.  Modern PureBASIC looks quite versatile.  Oh....why not use modern PureBASIC but C to develop the current version of your game? C looks difficult.,56.0.html

Okay, I see.  Good luck to you.

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Galactic Wars Extended looks very excellent! Good job. I can imagine that gamers will be nervous while playing this exciting game. The game should be very enjoyable, sure. Is Galactic Wars Extended being developed in a BASIC language  as well? Galactic Wars Extended make me excited!

By the way, the indie game which made me excited last time is Hidden Deep. Actually, Hidden Deep is a BASIC game.(BlitzMax),8063.0.html

Wow! I can't believe. You wrote a long article to explain in detail. Thank you very much!!!

"If it's stupid but it works then it's not stupid" <-- Ha...I see.
"I could perfectly remake the game on one of the engines you mentioned," <-- You are so familiar with many game creation softwares...sure!
"In other projects I won't bother taking care of the dev" <-- ok, you don't like to code.
"Purebasic was natural because" <-- PureBasic looks really powerful.
"Yeah i'm using the demo version" <-- So clever!
"that's why GameDesign is my hobby horse." <--  I see.
"Is Purebasic effective at gamedev" well in my opinion if you
can gamedev with your ass and it works well i don't see any problems."  <-- Good opinion!
"The short answer : not technically the strongest, but very
easy for everyone. Maybe even easier than Python on that matter." <-- It is a very valuable conclusion...yes. Thank you.

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Can you see the post?
Can see?


4fun Jam community · Created a new topic This jam is good
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Hello, this jam is good....yes.

If you join game jams regularly, you may have good motivation.

Hi, I sometimes read discussions about PureBasic in game development here.,56.0.html
I am always curious about whether PureBasic is suitable for game development. Thus I try to look for games made with PureBasic on  At last, I found this game. I watched the video of this game. The game is very creative! Since you are a game designer, I have a question.  Game designers like to use drag & drop tools to make games. For example, GameMaker, Construct, Clickteam Fusion, etc. I am quite curious. Why did you decide to use a pure language to make the game?

Wow! Very good plan! Good luck.

Thanks for telling me these. Thanks a lot!

Wow! Very special.

This function is quite useful. Thanks.

I want to know what PureBasic can do in game development. Thus I search for games made with PureBasic on I find this game at last. I watch the video of the game.  The game looks good! My feeling is that the developer spent much time on developing the game. Well done! Now I see the potential of PureBasic.  Sometimes I read discussions here and therefore I am quite curious about PureBasic.,56.0.html

Hello, your game looks nice and interesting!

Sometimes I am curious about PureBasic's potential for game development because PureBasic does not look like a game language.  Anyway, I see some discussions about game development in PureBasic here.,56.0.html

Moreover, I found this webpage. The developer also uses PureBasic for the games.


You explained in detail in these two posts! Thank you!

Your posts provided much userful information of GDevelop for game developers here. 

GDevelop is a very versatile game creation software. 

Thank you very much!!!!!

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Hello,  Kyriakos
But what is the hardware specifications of your old computer? 

Perhaps only the owner of Itch knows.  The owner is leafo. Many members should be interested in the current business situation of Itch.