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The video about the development of the entry is interesting! You are very passionate about Family BASIC. Sure!!!


thanks for noticing my little project. <-- The project is so nice! I wrote a post. If BASIC hobbyists come back to the forum to look for the news of the next jam , they will discover the thread : this 

Good luck!!! Bye!


Though this game jam ended, I still want to write this post. The reason is that I discovered another interesting BASIC software a few days ago. The software's name is Games for Rats. The software looks like MiniBASIC. If you like MiniBASIC, you may also be interested in Games for Rats. You can visit the webpage to look into the software: this

One more thing, a download version will be available later: this


Games for Rats community · Created a new topic A question

Hello, I notice that this project is interesting. May I ask a question? Will there be a download version in the future? By the way, I discovered a similar project several weeks ago. If you are interested, you can read the discussion about it here: this

Hello, thanks for joining.

next time consider separating Completeness of Game and Interpretation of Theme <--- The focuses of the BASIC Jams are not on these two factors and therefore I decided only to put them in one criterion.

otherwise, thanks for hosting the jam and i'll try to join another in the future. <--- Thanks. I haven't decided the exact month yet. However, the next jam may be in Nov 2023, Dec 2023, Jan 2024 or May 2024.

I did use a tune at the title screen. Did you have your sound turned on? <--- Right! I ran the game again after reading your post. It really appeared at the title screen. 

Family BASIC is for simple games. I wish I could've made more levels, but I hit the memory limit. <--- Ok. I see. Thanks for the explanation.

Hi....a lot of your games were written in Microsoft Small Basic! Is it correct? 

I think that you are a Small Basic expert!

Your reviews or comments on games are unbiased and so helpful to entrants. So excellent. I believe that entrants can be motivated or encouraged to make better games. Thanks a lot!!!

Wow! You tried to use BASIC8 to develop an entry but you never used BASIC8 before this game jam started. This shows that you are fond of learning. Good!

I think that this game is fun. You made a lot of text adventures before. This game is different. It looks like a graphic adventure but text characters are in the game for representing various items. R represents rat, c represents money, etc. Nice! A few RPG elements are in the game as well. The game is really interesting.

The entry looks like an ambitious project. Perhaps a 1-month game jam is not suitable for a project of this size. We still look forward to the finished game.

Ok! Hi! I have played the game!

The staff page shows that the development team is quite big. Many artists. There is an exciting story on the story page. No doubt. The game should belong to the category of adventure game. The gameplay is simple but many kinds of monsters can be found in the mazes....sure! The background music is so relaxing and I like this background music.

Hello, I have played the game. The file size of the NES file is only 41KB. Wow! Wonderful!  The gameplay is quite interesting. I am curious. May I ask a question? No sound was heard in the game. Can Family BASIC produce sounds?

The design of the first level is nice. After I finished the first level, I prepared for the second level. Then I discovered that there was no second level. I was quite surprised.  By the way, I encountered an issue. Sometimes I pressed arrow keys but there is no response.

In conclusion, this entry is a nice attempt! is a complete game. In addition, it is a nice game. Sure!!!

I'm sorry to interrupt the conversation. Maybe it is late. There are still 50 hours before the deadline of the voting period. You and Cybermonkey24 are very welcome to come to play and rate the entries of this competition:


The voting period of the 4th BASIC Jam started yesterday. You are very,very welcome to rate the entries and comment. Sure!

Thanks first!


The voting period of the 4th BASIC Jam began yesterday. You are very welcome to rate the entries. thanks first.

In fact, your comments on entries are always valuable. Sure!

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I want to announce that the voting period of this jam is in progress now. The voting period will end 7 days later. Itch members are very welcome to rate and write comments. Sure.

By the way, every Itch member is able to help:
If you have played an entry, you objectively rate the entry. If you have time to write a comment on the entry, the comment will be very helpful to the entrant. Doing these two things will motivate or inspire the entrant. No doubt. The game development techniques of the entrant may be improved as well. 

I sincerely encourage every Itch member to vote. Thanks for reading! Thanks for voting! Thanks a lot!!!!


The voting period is in progress now. The voting period will end seven days later. Entrants are prevented from adding new files to their submissions during the voting period. After the jam is completely over, uploads are unlocked.

Actually, everyone can help. If you have played an entry, you objectively rate the entry. If you have time to write a comment on the entry, it will be very helpful to the entrant. Doing these two things will motivate or inspire the entrant. The game development techniques of the entrant may be improved as well. 

The voting is open to all Itch members. I sincerely encourage every Itch member to vote. Thanks for voting! Thanks for reading!

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After 7 days, the submission period of the jam will end.  Then the voting period will begin. The voting will be open to all people. Are you satisfied with the development progress of your entry? Don't be nervous. Game jam should be treated as an interesting and enjoyable challenge. Game jam is also a suitable place for participants to try new things: approaches, game development tools, ideas, etc. In addition, improvement of skills is also a benefit of game jam.

Finally, I look forward to your entries! Good luck to all of you!

Hello, I have one more question. This logo is nice:

Will you show us the logo of RetroBASIC? Thanks.

Hi, thanks for the information! 

BasicC is special. In addition, I still don't understand why the author didn't make a 100% BASIC dialect.

Perhaps you like to develop in BASIC language.(also C language) If you are interested in looking into other BASIC dialects, I list some options here: the list

Hi, the URL is here:

RetroBASIC looks nice. Sure.

RetroBASIC will become a tool for indie developers for developing different kinds of retro games!

Wow! RetroBASIC? So good! People will be interested in it. Please let the public to download and use RetroBASIC. Yeah!


I have a suggestion: putting  AllegroBASIC and Pulsar2D framework on Itch. Both projects are quite interesting. Some visitors will be really interested in these two projects. They will download and look into them. Yeah.


"so your from syntax" <-- I enjoy reading there.

"Yes this is blitzmax , just unmodded blitzmax ." <-- Traditional BlitzMax is a nice language. The language is quite versatile. Sure. However, it is not easy for people to find BlitzMax games on Itch.  I recommend this method to every BlitzMax user: a good method.

Finally, I hope that your game will become a high-ranking game in this game jam.

Your game looks quite nice. I read your post in SyntaxBomb forum. May I ask a question? I am curious. Is this game a BlitzMax NG game? 


"Thank you for posting about that!  (I am the author of MiniBASIC.)" <--  Ok, I hope that every game developer likes MiniBASIC. Yeah!

"I'm encouraging users on my Discord server to enter your jam!" <-- Wow! Thank you very much!!!

Hi, a few discussion threads of this forum are not about the jam . I started these discussion threads since I wanted to share some special information with all of you. This discussion thread is the same.

First, this is news about MiniBASIC: this.

MiniBASIC is a BASIC dialect which is based on classic BASIC. The editor for MiniBASIC is interesting because it looks like a classic computer. You can try the web version of MiniBASIC. You can also download the Windows version, Linux version or the Mac version. They are free.

This game jam is only for games written in BASIC language.

( The detailed information of BASIC language: )

Hello!!! If you don't have time to make an entry , you are still welcome to rate and comment. Your comments were useful for entrants!

By the way, I found an interesting dialect(MiniBASIC) last week. Maybe you will be interested in looking into it.


Oh, no. Python is a not a BASIC dialect. Sorry.

First, I want to say that my programming knowledge is limited. Some characteristics in Cerberus X's syntax may not be easily found in ordinary BASIC dialects. MonkeyX's design should have been based on BlitzMax. Besides, Cerberus X can be treated as the successor to MonkeyX. Cerberus X is closely related to BlitzMax. If some participants want to use Cerberus X to develop their entries. I will probably welcome them. Yes, I will welcome them.

So....come to join the jam!

Hello, everyone! There are 10 days until the game jam begins! I am excited and I hope all of you are excited, too! This is the 4th BASIC Jam and I hope that the jam will be as successful as the 3 previous jams!

Three themes will be selected by me and they will be disclosed just before the game jam starts. Don't forget to select one of these three themes for your entry..........good luck!!!!

If you have questions about the jam, please post.

Hello, one more thing, I remember that there is a forum called SyntaxBomb. People like BASIC and game development very much there. It may be a good place for introducing MiniBASIC and Mini Micro after MiniBASIC is released: this. Good luck!


Hello, sorry to bother you. Your website is excellent! No doubt.  For example, a lot of useful articles about game tools are on this webpage:

I like the above webpage very much. Thanks! I have read the article about the classic dialect BBC BASIC. In fact, there is a new software called AOZ Studio. AOZ BASIC is the modern version of another two classic dialects STOS BASIC and AMOS BASIC. I never use these two languages but they should be so well-known.

The following introduction makes AOZ BASIC look so attractive and interesting:

I don't know whether you will write a review about AOZ Studio. However, I look forward to your review about AOZ Studio. Perhaps this review will be very useful for many BASIC hobbyists.

( The personal version is here: )


You explained in detail. I understand now. Thanks a lot.

Mini Micro is a very nice software. The user base of the software will be enlarged after MiniBASIC is released. Sure.

Good luck to you in 2023.

Hi, yes, your entry will be accepted. Welcome to this game jam!

May I ask a question? Is the emulator EightyOne for Windows platform? (The webpage on Sourforge doesn't mention platform requirement.)

By the way, there is an entry in the BASIC Jam (#1). The entry needs a VIC-20 emulator. This entry:

Hello......I am curious. I want to ask a question about the new programming language miniBASIC. Thanks first. Users now develop games in MiniScript in the software Mini Micro. If miniBASIC is finally finished, users will be able to use miniBASIC to develop games in Mini Micro . Is this correct? Thus users will be able to select between miniBASIC and MiniScript for game development in Mini Micro. Am I right? Thanks again.