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Thank you for your detailed observations and review!  <---  I hope that my comments are helpful.

I think the reason that it might be a bit hard is that    I built the game for people who already know tower games like that, to have a  challenge. <--- Yeah, I am not a great gamer of this type of game.

I didn't add an intro tutorial. <--- If you plan to release a commercial version of the game, a tutorial will really be essential.

Here's a tip for you to win: <--- Very useful hint for me to play this game easily in an enjoyable way. No doubt! Thank you.


Please be sure that I'll take them in consideration, <--- Well done!

once I'm done with the learning part I'll revisit and evaluate if it's better to rewrite it from 0 (for polishing specially backend and future-proofing) or if it's viable to update and add the mechanics i had in mind for it, long term. <---- The plan is really nice.

As for Unity... yeah, I'd say that if not the most versatile, at the very least is one of the most versatile engines. <---- Yeah!!! The tool looks really powerful!

It has a lot of features but it also empowers developers to build their own tools for it, not just games or apps. (To put a example (Youtube link), you can even code a custom brush script for the tile map brush). <--- Thanks for your information.

sorry for the delay replying, <--- No problem. Good luck!!!!!

Hello, I see. I have one more question. The modern version of BBC BASIC is a freeware. Do you have any plan to use the modern version to compile the game?  Thus gamers will be able to play the game on Windows(directly), Mac, Linux,  Android, IOS,  Raspberryand browsers. I mean BBCSDL:

Hello, since this game was made with SDLBasic, I have a question. 

I see  a very interesting discussion. Can you write a similar program in SDLBasic for comparison of the three programming languages? Thanks a lot! Thanks again!!!!!!!!!!!!



Sorry bother you again. 

Thanks first! It is because the 'rcbasic' tag was added to the game PING-PONG! 

Would you mind adding the 'rcbasic' tag to the games ZX-RAJD, TANKER PONGY, ROKART and HOLKA  as well? Thank you very much!!!!!!!

Thanks again!!!!!!!!!!!


Hello....sorry for my late reply. 

I played this game today. I only watched the video of this game before today. 

The game is really FUN. It is a traditional 2D platform game. However, a creative design is that the nose of the player's character can be lengthened. This increases the difficulty of playing the game because this character dies if the nose touches some things. I believe that many players treat this as an interesting and excellent challenge.  If the game allows players to start the game with 3 lives, most players may be happier.     

The background music is also nice because it can create a fantastic atmosphere in the game! It is suitable for this game. 

This Unity game surprises me because I always think that Unity games are 3D games. However, this game looks like a 100% 2D game. Unity is really versatile! 

It is quite an enjoyable game! Sure! 

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I have downloaded and run the new version of the game. 

The new version could not be run successfully on the very old Windows 7 laptop computer(The same issue(hard disk stopped loading after a while ) happened again,). However, this new version could be run successfully on the Windows 10 laptop computer.  

I think that:

1. The background music is very suitable for the game.  A great atmosphere is created. 

2. The human voice is so good.  It is because the voice is really majestic.

3. I like the moving fog. It enhances the atmosphere of the game. 

4. The gameplay is nice and it is a traditional tower defense game. 

5. I find that the game is not easy. Maybe I am not smart enough to play this type of game.  

Hello!!!!!! Please add this tag "rcbasic" to this webpage, College Story's webpage, Out of Space's webpage and Lethal Shepard's webpage.  

Convenient for people! It is because people can easily find all items about RCBasic at the following URL.

Hi, this game could be run without any problem. I played this game on a desktop computer with Windows XP.  The CPU is Core2Duo E8500 and there is 4GB DDR2 RAM. The display card is Geforce G210 and the browser is K-meleon.

The game is nice and the gameplay is interesting. I like the visual effect of refraction in water! I also like the lively background music.

Hi, thank you very much!!!!!!

So ZX-RAJD, TANKER PONGY, PING-PONG, ROKART and HOLKA were developed with RCBasic! You are a real expert of RCBasic! Sure!!!!!

May I ask a question? May you help? You have 5 RCBasic games. Would you mind adding a tag 'rcbasic' to every game? As a result, many people will be able to find all RCBasic games on easily. Thanks again!!!!!!!!!! 

Now there are 3 items here:

Hi! Sorry for my late reply.

I downloaded the new version of the game to try. The new version could not be run successfully: double-clicked the executable file, then the black window opened and the hard disk LED blinked(loading), then a few seconds later, the hard disk LED was off(stopped loading), the black window was still on the screen and no other thing happened.

1. Computer 1:   this is the Windows 7 laptop computer which I also used to try to run the old version of the game last time. CPU is AMD Athlon II Neo K325 and there is 4GB RAM. The GPU is on the motherboard but I don't know the exact model of the GPU.

2. Computer 2:  this is a desktop computer with Windows 10. There is 8GB RAM and the CPU is Intel i5-4460. The GPU inside this CPU is Intel HD Graphics 4600. 

Since both computers don't have discrete graphics cards, I guess that some features of games made with AppGameKit are only compatible with discrete graphics cards.

I hope that the above information will help the company of AppGameKit to improve AppGameKit.


May I ask a question? Were ZX-RAJD, TANKER PONGY and MAZIACS 2 also made with RCBasic?


Hello...sorry for my late reply.

Well, I didn't hope to win this jam by that margin. <--- Congratulations. Good job.

Especially, I didn't feel very creative <--- You are humble.

and, well, to be honest, I first intended to include some fruits as powerups that you have to bring to your corny friends (or vice versa), but ran out of time for that, so I simply claimed the theme were "open" :D . <----  Very, very interesting....yeah!!!!!

Thanks even more for your detailed feedback. <--- No problem.

I will try to improve the game when I find the time (I think around Easter is a good time). <--- Diligent developer.

Hi, I have played the shooting game. In fact, I like to search for BASIC games on Itch. Many BASIC games are on Itch. Sure!!!

I want to say that this shooting game is a traditional shooting game. The game is interesting and really nice! 

I can see the potential of the game. If creative new levels are added to the game, the future versions of the game will be very attractive. Yeah.  

Hello! No problem. Join future jams!

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The voting period will be over after about 1 hour. Participating in the jam is an exciting experience. There are interesting entries. There are creative entries. The jam is okay successful. I look forward to the final results of the jam!

Thank voters for voting within the period! Thank commenters for writing meaningful comments! Thanks for your support!

By the way, I plan to host the Jam for All BASIC Dialects(#3) in Aug. Don't forget to come back to join it! Yeah!

Hello...I see. However, someone of my family will not allow me to install .Net Framework 5.0 on the computer. So I will not be able to play this game.  

Thanks for joining the jam and good luck!!!!


I remember that this game is an entry in SyntaxBomb contest. The following contest is quite challenging. Perhaps you will be interested in it:

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Hi! I see.

By the way, there is an interesting contest. The contest looks challenging . If you have time, you may be interested in it.

Wow.....I really didn't pay attention to my score while I was playing.

I only concentrated on these aspects of the game: gameplay, creativity, graphics, sound, polish, interpretation of theme, etc. I wanted to judge every entry accurately.  

Hello, today I downloaded the game. I tried to run the game but I could not succeed. Nothing happened after I double-clicked the exe file. (One Windows 7 computer and one Windows 11 computer) 

Wow! This game is really fun. I like this simulation game!

Players can make money from fruit trade, bank deposit and  gamble. Really creative! 

Microsoft Small Basic looks like a quite useful tool!

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The game is.......GOOD.! 

At first, I saw the 5 screenshots of the game on this webpage. I thought: oh....the graphics are not too nice. However, when I played the game, I realized that the graphics of the game were quite nice! Sure! The reason is that all the trees on the whole screen were shaking irregularly. Shaking irregularly generated a good visual effect. 

On the other hand, the gameplay is really nice.  Group attack  by several unicorns makes the game so enjoyable and exciting.  

If you continue to improve the game, I believe that the game will be a superior game at last. 


Hi....I played the game today. 

It is an exciting game. Sure. The computer rival is so strong and it is difficult to score one goal. 

I can see the potential of the game. If there are three difficulty levels for players to choose, it will be a quite enjoyable game.

Hello...I have played the game today. It is an interesting  action game. Yeah.

The background music is excellent because this music creates a suitable atmosphere: players are in outer space. Besides, I like the woman voice. This woman voice guides players through environments, hints at events to come and helps to create emotional resonance in players. 

Hello! You are a very enthusiastic participant! Yeah. 

Thank you very much!!!!!

Hi!!!! Thanks for the promotion. I discovered this:

Thanks again!!!!


The submission period ended and the voting period started! The voting period is a 7-day period. Entrants are prevented from adding new files to their submissions during the voting period. After the jam is completely over, uploads are unlocked.

By the way, everyone is able to help:

If you have played an entry, you objectively rate the entry. If you have time to write a comment on the entry, it will be very helpful to the entrant. Doing these two things may help the entrant to improve the game development technique!

The voting is open to all people. Thanks for voting!!!

Hello! I see.

I know that AppGameKit and GameGuru are two current products of Game Creators. I heard that GameGuru was a drag-and-drop tool. Therefore,  AppGameKit is more flexible than GameGuru. However, GameGuru is easier than AppGameKit in game development. 

By the way, I frequently visit the official forum of DarkBasic Professional. It seems that no one continues the development of the open-source version of DarkBasic Professional. I hope that some expert users will continue to develop or improve the open-source version of DarkBasic Professional.

Hello! This game looks quite interesting. May I ask a question? Was the game developed in open-source DarkBasic Professional?

Hello......maybe it is a bug of AppGameKit. Reporting this to the company of AppGameKit may help to solve this issue as soon as possible.


The submission period will end 10 days later. Then the voting period will begin. The voting will be open to all people. Entrants or gamers are very welcome to rate entries in the voting period! Leaving comments on entries are also very welcome!

Good luck to all entrants!!!


I have run the new version of the game on two computers:

1. This computer is an old laptop computer with Windows 7. The deep red loading screen appeared, then data on the hard disk was loaded, then data on the hard disk was not loaded any more and no any other thing happened.

2. This computer is a very new laptop computer with Window 10. This situation happened:

Wow! I see. Thanks for the information. Perhaps you can use one of these two good languages to develop an entry in Jam for All BASIC Dialects (#3)!

Hello, thank you very much!!!!!!!!! I have downloaded the new version but now I don't have time to play. I will play the new version later. Thanks again! You are a very enthusiastic indie game developer! Yeah!


Your reply is a long post! A detailed explanation!

"QB64 has everything I need," <== Good!

 "it removes the memory limitations and there's a massive amount of new commands that together make QB64 a serious and a sufficient coding environment (for my needs at least)." <==  Thanks for explaining to me! I really don't know since I am not a QB64 user. QB64 sounds like a very useful and versatile programming software.

"I don't have the time or the interest to try and master any new systems at this point." <== Time is  a real problem! 

" I'll keep using QB64 until I hit that moment where I want to do something that QB64 doesn't support." <== I see! I hope that you will continue releasing good games made with QB64 in the future!!!


Hi...thanks for this important informaton! Yeah! On the other hand, if you solve the problem later, you can still submit the updated version of the game. 

Hello! Finished? Your game deve.opment efficiency is  high. The screenshot of your entry looks quite interesting! I will play the game later since I am busy recently. I will also vote in the voting period.(Mar 1 to Mar 8). Good luck to your entry!

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 Of course royalty free music, royalty free sounds and royalty free sprites are allowed.

"My game is about 65% done" <== Wow! Excellent! 


Hello....the picture of the fruits are nice. You are a blender expert!

My theme was going to be Fruit (obviously) and I was going to do a sort of RPG..................... <== The plot of your game is so interesting!

The other fruits are a Banana, an Apple and a Rambutan <== So many cute characters are in this game. Sure!!

In particular I was going to make it generate a random map each game and each screen would have random background elements. <== this arrangement sounds really interesting. Good job! If you are able to finish the whole game at last, many gamers will like to play this game so much.