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Love this as well! Really cool idea :)

Thanks for the great review. Glad you liked it

Thanks for the review!

Wow, I'm flattered. Thanks :)

The difficulty it just right I think. Felt impossible hard at first but I quickly learned to time it right and unlocked my first costume in a few minutes. It's always nice to be able to have something to collect for, like the unlockable costumes. Well done

Thanks for the review. I know it needs some tweeking, but I'm a bit tired of it now so I'll get back to it again soon to iron out the last bits.

Thanks for the review!

Well I was just going to try it so I could rate it, ended up playing for a while. I like the skill based challenge. Well done

Wow, nice game. Feels like you had fun making this. I love the slow-mo effect. It's also nice with the "polish" meaning the sounds, music, effects, story etc. Well done!

I like the idea but at least in chrome on windows it was a bit buggy. Even though I shielded the poor guy from the snow it said DEAD after the snowing stopped. And then there were some screen transitions and the guy started flying away and then DEAD again. 

Nice game! As has been mentioned, there's a lot of content. Well done.

Only thing is I would have liked him to shot in the direction of the mouse pointer (since I'm shooting with the mouse) instead of aiming with the movement keys (the direction he is facing). 

I love the art! Levels are challenging in a good way. Generally a good experience. Well done!

Thanks for playing :)

Thank you :)

Not even close :P
Fun and cute game. Well done on finishing the game! Now make another ;)

Impressive! It's doubly inspiring as well; the game itself and the story of the game saying "it's hard, but you can do it" (in my interpretation). Well done!

Thank you! Glad you liked it. I spent a lot of time on the controls to make it feel good :)

So I finally finished a game. Yay me!



Snake, but faster!
It's snake the way I always wanted it to be; fast paced, difficult and with an element of luck. There are different types of apples to munch on with different score value and there's a really valuable special apple that will appear every now and then. Then there's the combo multiplier. If you eat apples fast enough you start earning score multipliers. First all apples will double in work, then tripple etc. But don't slip up, because then your multiplier resets to 1.

Give it a go, and do let me know what you think. Feedback is awesome and my F5 button is getting worn out.