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Nice one!


Post any error/bugs here for me to review.

Game Play video of the project.

Looking for: A Marketer 

My Talent: Game Developer 

Project: 3D Multiplayer Simulation Game - 

The game is completed and available on and I'm thinking of getting a teammate for marketing the game for getting downloads. 

Length of Project: to be discussed 

Split %: you'll get a fair share of the purchases 

Contact method: Discord Dm @Arfan321

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• Smooth Player Controller (Walk, Run, Jump, Crouch, Prone, Ladder Climbing) 

• Fully Animated Player Body (Movement)  

• Texture and Tag-based Footsteps • Player Lean and Wall Detection 

• Weapons (Glock, Axe) 

• Zoom Effect 

• Item Switcher

• Door, Drawer, Lever, Valve, Movable Interact 

• Types (Mouse, Animation, Locked, Jammed) 

• More Objects (Keypad Lock, Keycard Lock, Padlock) 

• Rebindable Keyboard Controls at Runtime 

• Zombie AI (Sleep, Wander, Scream, Agony, Hunger, Attack, Attract, Footsteps) 

• Scene Preloader (Background Change, Tips) 

• Jumpscares (Animation, Scare Effects, Scared Breath, Customizable)

 • UI Menu (Main Menu, Pause Menu, Load Menu..) 

• Notifications (Pickup, Hint, Messages) 

• Realistic VHS Player 

• CCTV System 

• Ambience Zones 

• Water Buoyancy 

• Interactive Lights (Lamps, Switchers, Animation) 

• Props, Collectable Items, much more...

• Light Items (Flashlight, Hinge Lantern, Candle) 

• Backpack Inventory Expand Pickup


It will be on all platforms including PC/MACOS/LINUX 

and maybe a lightweight version for Mobile


Ray Games 1


Discord Server


Current progress GamePlay Video - <div class="video-container"><iframe width="500" height="281" src="//" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen=""></iframe></div>

Post -

Message us at to get your own custom branding in this model.

thanks for playing the game !

thanks for playing !

Awesome Work !

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Thank you so much for the feedback !

Download City Drive Multiplayer !

Windows x86_64 
macOS Intel and Apple Silicon 
Linux x86_64


Download police chase for Windows, macOS and Linux

Support the game studio by bying the game for 1$ or more

Ad-free multiplayer

Realtime Connection

Ads free for a complete experience

9 configured vehicles ready to use !,

Modern City

New City Scene !

Complete UI dashboard with mobile controllers,

Intelligent Traffic System

Record & Replay, Enter & Exit, Lighting, Camera modes, Behaviors, Customization, and more...

Variable ground physics,

Easy to play, vehicles can be customized on headlight colors, tires, wheel colors and more..

Functional Dashboard,

Different types of driving assistants to aid you in driving the vehicles,

Different resolutions upto 4k

Realistic Graphics

Vehicle Damage AI

And More...

Download the game demo on -

Will the son be able to win this time ?

Click here to Download Zombie Escape !

Some of the features -

- Inventory System. You can store ammo, consumables (food, medkits), weapon pickups, and items without type (can be used as gameplay object). - Inventory support stacking/unstacking objects. - Drag&Drop behavior with smooth, lerped transition. - Equipment slots are supported

- Any firearms (shotgun, SMG, rifle, automatic weapon, pistol, sniper rifles, etc), rocket launcher, melee weapon, grenades - Special Sound Effects  - Physical bullets - Hit decals, particles

- Object placement/Building system with scriptable objects. - Automatic UI creation for added new buildings. - Inventory works with building system to provide resources for building.

Weapon Pickup 




Zombie Escape Demo - Trailer 

Free to download on

Thanks for your feedback !

Thanks !

Thank you for your feedback :D

Thank you for your feedback !

Awesome Thomas :D

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Thank you for your feedback 

Awesome Game :D

Thank you

There's still chaos, btw thanks for your feedback !

Thanks for the feedback, it really helps us



Great :D

great :D

good game :D

I've added the video and photo.

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New Game from Ray Games is out !

Download Now on itch or for free in play store !