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That means alott thank you! 😄

😂😂😂😂 Love that feedbackk! We had a plan to make more bosses, but obviously limited time and people. Landmarks are definitely a smart touch for remembering where you are, we made the slippers persistent a-la Hansel and Gretel for the same purpose 😁 ( as well as for visualizing the chaos). We wanted to make the arrow super smart and guide you step by step by pathfinding to the goal, but I like the signs placed around the map leading up to the store better! I also love the idea of replacing the gibberish text with actual text, that would provide clearer context as to why infected people are trying to get close to her. I can totally imagine a much funnier version where the music crossfades into some metal track as boss fights come up. Thanks for the detailed feedback! We look forward to the next one!

Thanks 😄 It's all thanks to our 3 designers! Their AI is nearly the same, with the only change of having different player detection radiuses and max speeds 😁

Oh :') Honestly, I have no idea how i managed to finish mine because I was, just like you, so focused on the visuals. I spent a full day and a half on the procedural generation adding bushes and shrubs and I didn't have enemies working at the time :sweat_smile: So yeah, we should focus on prototyping core features first next time xD

Thank you!

Thanks! Yes, we at first wanted it to be hard to get to the grocery store, but then we realized it might be better to implement an arrow to guide you. But the arrow just points in the final direction, so we wanted to add some more intelligence to it so as to perform path finding, but didn't have the time! The thwack was definitely inspired by Vlambeer's "The art of screenshake" talk. Amazing talk on making things like this feel so juicy :D 

Ah no wayy they're so cool!

Thank you!

Hahahahaha, yes its very juiced up. Vlambeer style 😏

We did this game for a 48 h jam, a team of 5 beginners to game dev. Tell us what you think!

I love the music! 

Thanks! Glad you liked it! 

Thanks! Appreciate the feedback! 

She's throwing slippers 😄 A common disciplining tool in some areas of the world 😅

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This is the best game I've played in this jam yet!!!! A tinyyy bit unbalanced, as dodging enemy attacks at first is hard to get used to, but when you get two archers, no stopping me anymore!

Couple of comments: add unlimited number of archers, but then increasing enemy difficulty as well. When i reached 4 archers, literally stood aside, had so much money with nothing to do with it. 

Also, had trouble keeping track of my HP, the house HP, moving between buy menu and my hp, etc. It would be better if my HP was in the corner, and house HP was in another corner, both in the form of bars and not numbers. Easier to spot visually whether i need a heal or repair.

Also, it starts off too hard! Give the player time to get an archer, make it easier to dodge enemies, and then progressively harder. In the end when I mastered dodging attacks, no one could touch me. Maybe a ranged goblin? Same projectile and ai as archers. That would make things harder, giving the projectile some height to allow for dodging. 

I really really really liked this game. What engine did you use? Pure SDL2?

I enjoyed playing it for like 5 minutes, but didn't feel like it was getting harder so I got a little bored.. Nice game though!

This was also our idea at first, then turned into Pack to the Future xD Check out our twist on this idea. Also, loved the game!

Very cute game!

Cute game!

Thanks! It was even more fun to make xD

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Love the graphics and music!! Weird that the graphics are that glitchy for such a small game though.. That's unity for you :D After i transitioned to Godot, development speed *= 10, 2D performance *= 10.

I loved it! Feels awesome when I recognize the artist ;)

Love the concept!


I loveee that sharp vector art. That cutscene got me sooo pumped, so I was setup to be a little disappointed with the gameplay :( You really needed a teammate man, its got alot of potential!

Very cute art and sounds! Gameplay could use a little variation though.

Love the assets and cute music! Fun to play for a bit, then gets repetitive though, don't feel any added challenge!

Very cute animations! Love that character style! 

Made it to Wave 5 xD was NOT ready for that 2nd wave spawn. ;P

Thanks :D Yeah, we didn't get much sleep! Hahahaha

If you're on a keyboard, its E to switch, F to toggle follow. On an xbox360 joystick, its Y to follow and B to switch. :D