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what a great game ! It was really pleasant to play, i loved it !!!

really pleasant and cool game !!! This is really enjoyable to play and fun, i liked it a lot !

Backpack hero but reversed !!! Cool and pleasant game, i liked it a lot !

Really neat artstyle ! The concept is good, the gameplay became insanely hard lol but it was really fun

The concept is fun ! But hard, i didn't win in three tries lol

great game it was i supposed hard to make something with a team of this size, but you did it !!! Really pleasant and cool game, love it !

This is an absolute banger !!!! My god, it was so fun and pleasant to play

This concept is so fun !!! And the execution is very good, it was a pleasure to do camera work for one time ! My frustration from mario 64 camera is far away now xD

Really, really hard, i didn't managed to finish it without passing the buggy spikes wall (sorry for this TwT). But i loved the game arts and sounds, it is beautiful !!!

Really good game ! I didn't understand if it has levels or not because everytime i died, i was at the same start again x) The polish of the game is magnificent !!! I loved the arts so much !!

The game told me i finished it in 140 seconds, i didn't feel the time passed !!! The game is awesome and beautiful, my god an absolute banger ! (just unlucky with the placement of some npcs in the first levels, it was a little frustration for me)

The game was fun ! I just add time to adapt to the controls (know what duck is what number) but it was good !!!

This was so fun !!! I loved the concept and laugh so much time

Good game ! I don't know if its a global bug, but my score was always level 1. I didn't understand all the game but an extend version might be really fun ! I enjoy my playing session a lot trying to do the best dungeon optimization

Very good concept ! Pretty hard to get the right timing for me, but it was fun ! I missed an infinite gamemode to score some computer points lol ! But it was great !

The concept is good ! A locked camera would be better for me, i had motion sickness after 5 minutes of play. Just missed a soundtrack and didn't understand how to take life from the snake TwT but Everything otherwise is great !!! Congrats !

The game was very hard for me ah ah ! But still really cool and the execution is nice, all the ambiance, sounds, art, everything is a mood !