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Radium Polonium

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Whatever you say, I'm just giving you feedback  based on my playing eperience. It's your thing to decide what to do with it, you can ignore it if you want.

I really love the stories, but game is really slow. Also I would like to see some story changes which would depend on choiches. And some ingame instructions would be nice, cause first time i played, I was just randomly mashing right button, and didn't know that you can choose between yes or no :P Anyway, narrative is really great, keep it up ;)

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I love the concept and aesthetics, however I found a bit annoying that you can't shake the tree if you see the squirell climbing from far away. Also an option to quit the game would be nice ;)

edit: also I didn't find out that you can rotating camera as I see in gifs.

Great job anyway, keep it up ;)


I really like minimalistic vibe of the game.  Level of difficulty  is high, but feel of achievement is even higher. The one thing i would personally add is "WASD" controls.