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Oh, I just didn't got that you have to first select swordsman or wizard block :)

After that I finally beat my nemezis :D


Wow, the game is so polished!

Controls feel tight and I love the little squishy animations when pigments are jumping!

Really cool idea, and controls feel great!

Unfortunately I wasnt able to link the boxes so my only option was to run around, break sorcerers links and trying to hit him with a sword, so I was keep loosing all the time 😂


That is the game which I would like the most to see being developed further after the jam.

I love the atmosphere, polish, audio-visuals.

That being said it was really difficult to link any of floating object to the ship, in level 2 I found it easier to just avoid asteroids without weapon. 

For me you should win, great job!

It was really fun game!

I like the variety of burgers you can make, however it would be nice to see tham all in the end with descriptions and points

The thing I most admire is the background image.

I'ts just gorgeous!

Due to a time shortage I've decided for it to be a endless runner, and the obstacles are chosen randomly from a pool, I'm aware that it is a bit repetitive.

Lack of a proper tutorial is also a result of time shortage.

Thanks for feedback, It is very helpful to improve this and future games!

System was fun to play with, most of the levels were a bit too easy since you need only one source to power up bulb.

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I'm planning to work on this issue.

Great concept for a game, it needs tweaking and also proper enemy ai but nevertheless I'm impressed of what you have achieved in such short time!

Thank you, I'm glad you liked it :)

It was really fun to play! 

Suprisingly I survived longer before I realised how to shoot, and I was only escaping.

Visuals and audio adds to the experience :)

I'm planning to improve planes mechanics, but could you elaborate on ball physics not being responsive?

It could help me to work on it.

Thanks for feedback!

Thanks for feedback!

The moments you mention when you have to throw ball over the screen occur because of spawner randomly choosing which obstacle to place next and some obstacles are not harmonize well with others. 

I'm planning to work on this issue.

I'm really glad you liked it!

Really fun to play, easy to learn, hard to master.

Visual presentation have an interesting aestethic.

Great job!

Thanks for playing and including my game in your video!

Thank you for feedback :)
I'm thinking of restricting mouse plane movement to provide less chaotic outcome.

Really nice chill experience :)

That said it lacks a things to do when you finish playing with music.

Yeah, it can be a bit buggy, thanks for feedback!

Really cool concept and it was so fun to play!

Presentation is also great, the music pump up the adrenaline and visuals remind me of flash games era :)

Thanks, visuals were made in a hurry, my main goal was for the game to be enjoyable, so I'm glad it was for you :)

I'm really impressed by the system you designed and programmed in just 48h!
At first it was a bit difficult to understand what's going on, but after you get it it was really enjoyable to see your wealth grow:)

If you are planning to further develop this game, I would suggest to add some visual indication of what's going on.

Thank you :)
I wonder if control won't be unintuitive, I'm glad that it wasn't for you!

Yeah, I should probably restrict pink plane movement to arm reach, the same as the green one.

As for the camera, maybe I will make it center on the left side of a screen, so player would see further ahead.

Thanks for feedback!

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Audio-visuals are top notch!
But It was too hard for me.

It was also quite original.

Nice musics and cool concept!

Really great menu visuals!

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Thanks for tutorial, I know what I will experiment with tommorow :)

Thanks for playing and comment :) 

I'm glad you liked it!

Thank you for kind words :D

When I thought out my mechanics I didn't think I'll have to solve so many math problems.

So after I had just raw mechanics it was few hours left and didn't have time for proper tutorial, sorry!

I'm glad that at least mechanic is fun, it is important to me :)

Wow, it was really fun to play!

I've seen some games with "man ball and a chain" but i think it was funniest one so far.

By the way, what did you use to generate visuals of the chain? 

Was it line renderer? 

Visuals are minimalistic, chain curves are adding details to it and color palette is great :)

Wow, orb mechanic was really original and satisfying!

Also level design was well crafted, it checked your skill more and more.

Unfortunately wasn't able to play long because a 'k' key is not working. 

The game have a certain charm to it :)
Even if it maybe lacks some visual and technical sense, I loved that all levels were handcrafted and not generic at all! 

We need more such original games.

Wow, I' not sure how you play this game, but I't is totally cool.

What exactly did you use to obtain such effects? 

I love this kind of projects!

Great Visuals, I'm impressed!

The game looks really polished with all the particle effects and trails.

Not a fan of time limits tho but thats just me ;)

Were the levels randomly generated or crafted by hand? because I was't able to tell. Some of them were kind of like on first time but not sure. 

Really nice idea and audiovisuals, but I have a problem that controls are inverse and it is confusing (maybe that was intentional for a challange?).

Also restart button doesn't work for me so i had to restart whole game to dive again.

Wow, I really love the atmosphere! 

In my opinion one of if not the best "Where is ..." (time to replay the others).


But It's not really clean circuit haha :D

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It was so much fun! I would definitely play version with more missions.

Some thoughts I had during playthrough:

  • Ability to move more than 1 element at a time could really improve gameplay
  • Menu hiding everytime I scroll out was a bit annoying
  • After some time with huge amount of particles, electron guns start to work slower and slower

Here is my circuit. It is really pleasing to see loops design become more efficient overtime :)

It was really fun to play, but the restart button was realy hard to find, it could be 'r' key or sth. Also, the audio visual-presentation was great and story funny :)

That is something diffrent, really nice shader! I really like the contemplation the strange world vibe, really relaxing. Music was great too. 

I had a few technical problems.

- I've seen z-fighting(wikipedia page) on the mountains, 

-I fall from the map, maybe there could be mountains that you cant climb. (at first I thought map end was a sea, and I was amazed though :D)

- after I fall from the map I didn't know how to restart.