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Wow, I really love the atmosphere! 

In my opinion one of if not the best "Where is ..." (time to replay the others).


But It's not really clean circuit haha :D

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It was so much fun! I would definitely play version with more missions.

Some thoughts I had during playthrough:

  • Ability to move more than 1 element at a time could really improve gameplay
  • Menu hiding everytime I scroll out was a bit annoying
  • After some time with huge amount of particles, electron guns start to work slower and slower

Here is my circuit. It is really pleasing to see loops design become more efficient overtime :)

It was really fun to play, but the restart button was realy hard to find, it could be 'r' key or sth. Also, the audio visual-presentation was great and story funny :)

That is something diffrent, really nice shader! I really like the contemplation the strange world vibe, really relaxing. Music was great too. 

I had a few technical problems.

- I've seen z-fighting(wikipedia page) on the mountains, 

-I fall from the map, maybe there could be mountains that you cant climb. (at first I thought map end was a sea, and I was amazed though :D)

- after I fall from the map I didn't know how to restart.

Great audiovisual presentation. Only texts color could be in a little more distinctive from the background color.
As for the mechanics dash ability was super cool, but second ability - wall jump was that unpredictable, that I couldnt beat the game.

Great audiovisual presentation. Only texts color could be in a little more distinctive from the background color.
As for the mechanics dash ability was super cool, but second ability - wall jump was that unpredictable, that I couldnt beat the game.

I loved the music! Mechanic was clever and fun, but i think the ball sometimes blows not at good times, somtimes at first bounce.

Really nice artstyle and music! Game was really hard, next to impossible to me, ballon could be falling faster. Because of that cosmetic itmes are too expensive :P 

I really liked the mechanics of rocket movement, but but maybe it could be more controllable. The voice vas really nice touch, but it was too quiet, I couldn't fully understand what he's saying. Subs could be nice also. Other than that presentation was great!

I liked it, presentation was nice, at first I get the golem out of map and didn't know what to do so maybe tutorial about restart should be in first lvl ;)
I've read that it is your first jam, mine too, keep it up and good luck ;)

Thank you for insightful feedback!

Plug softlock was intentional, a part of "puzzle", but probably should be first introduced sooner in the easier to get spot.
And it is occuring only once in game, so maybe that's a problem too. 

Yeah, I didn't manage to add sound in jam time, will work on it!

Thanks again!

I'll work on it in the nearest future, thanks :)

The mechanics are really simple yet clever :D I'm not good at this type of games though. Its really impressive for me that you're working on your own engine :)

Really cool ambient music, color palette was cool too. Was it by design that you can't win or I am too bad at it, or was it a bug? :P If it was by design, the message is really dark that you can only spread void.

I will, probably after weekend there will be new version, thanks for feedback!

Cool idea to avoid enemy, make your bullets one :) It was really hard for me though, I got through 2 levels.

Thank you for your feedback! Movement is first thing on my list to fix ;)

Cool, I've played, it is still hard, but at last I got much further this time :D The second checkpoint was broken for me though, and didn't know what to do after 2nd moving platform.

Really enjoying game, great presentation, a bit confusing at first, but probably it was intentional? :) The twists on the mechanics were really really enjoyable to break through

Really cool game, I'd love to play more levels!

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Couldn't play it, non stop loading, but I've seen it on a stream, and was amazed by concept and audio, I love physics based games, would like to see further developement. Will try to play it tommorow.

PS. I had a similar idea, just in mine you're stoping the void not embracing it :D

Great job!

I was able to jump from it though so I just jump into... well void and reset. Just cannot move horizontally when being on moving platform.

Really ambitious project for a one person! I love the visuals, unfortunately I wasn't able to finish the game due to a bug that make a player stuck on moving platform.

I am considering continuing the development of this project, definetly first thing will be physics improvement, thanks for feedback!

I'm a bit of beginner with Unity Physics, thanks for a suggestion with material, I'll look into it;)

Thanks for feedback! Pastellish colors was a deliberate choice, but I'm also not completely satisfied with them.

Thanks! I'm planning to improve movement, I'm a bit of beginner in Unity physics ;)

I liked the minimalistic design, Game could use some progression system and maybe could be a bit more forgiving (maybe some lives?)

Great audio-visuals, really fun to play, and also quite hard. It was confusig at first that you can make a double (and even triple) jump. Overall really cool game!

Cool idea, an execution is a bit lacking, and the controls confusing. But you have a + from me for ambition, game design is promising!

Audio-visual presentation was really good. Game could use some kind of progress.

Whatever you say, I'm just giving you feedback  based on my playing eperience. It's your thing to decide what to do with it, you can ignore it if you want.

I really love the stories, but game is really slow. Also I would like to see some story changes which would depend on choiches. And some ingame instructions would be nice, cause first time i played, I was just randomly mashing right button, and didn't know that you can choose between yes or no :P Anyway, narrative is really great, keep it up ;)

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I love the concept and aesthetics, however I found a bit annoying that you can't shake the tree if you see the squirell climbing from far away. Also an option to quit the game would be nice ;)

edit: also I didn't find out that you can rotating camera as I see in gifs.

Great job anyway, keep it up ;)


I really like minimalistic vibe of the game.  Level of difficulty  is high, but feel of achievement is even higher. The one thing i would personally add is "WASD" controls.