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Love the art, it's really cute. The circular level design is original and impressive. I just really wish I could get to the top lol

Thank you! I did use ParallaxBackground, and I'll look into adding more layers. And thanks for pointing out the unclear jump mechanics. I added more details in the description :)

Very interesting concept. I really liked how the hand painted background was slowly revealed. It motivated me to keep replaying to try to see more of it. As Ricky pointed out, being able to look at the controls for a longer amount of time  would make a huge difference. It took me losing several times to get enough time to read the controls and understand the attack, jump combo, and dash mechanics, all which seem to be essential to survive. Though even after getting used to those mechanics, I was not able to get very far after several more attempts. I think ensuring a smaller maximum horizontal gap between platforms would make it a lot easier. Despite the difficulty, I still had fun!

I enjoyed the humor, and the music at the end was perfect -- I felt extra accomplished! Having a tutorial was nice, too. I thought the amount that you move up from pressing the space bar once was a little much, especially during the parts where you're progressing horizontally. Overall, I had a lot of fun playing through this. Nice work :)

Fantastic art, music, and design. Smooth difficulty progression. Overall an impressive and enjoyable game! It would have been great to have some sort of indication that some changes you make are temporary. I think including camera controls in the HUD could be a helpful touch. And I agree with other comments that a pause function could be nice and could reduce the number of retries.

Wonderful atmosphere, amazing detail, overall great game.

What a great game! Loved the art, music, and overall design. I found it to be pretty challenging to time the bombs. The hit boxes seemed a bit unforgiving at times, too. One of the ghosts spawned right above the player character, resulting in an unavoidable collision. But overall it's an impressive submission!

This really brought joy to my day! Love the idea, the humor, and the art style/vibe. I was gleefully hoping that the "crunch" would appear again after roasting God -- which would imply that I ate him -- and laughed when it did indeed appear on the screen. One thing that came to mind was how hard it was to read the player's rap while playing the rhythm game. It would be great to at least have a chance to read the verse after a rap is over. 

I'm glad I downloaded this :D

Oh hey! Thanks Clement! :D

Sounds good! You can invite me using this email address:

Awesome! You've got some great stuff too! Yes, let's team up :)

How would you like to communicate?

Hello! I've been making music casually as a hobby for a few years, and I'd love to participate in a project like this! If you'd like to listen to some of my work, here's my SoundCloud. It may be good to note that a lot of my recent tracks were made for Music Weeklies, so they were completed within just one week.

Let me know if you're interested in working together! :)