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Thanks! <3

Thank you for giving it a try friend!

Thank you so much for giving it a try!

Thank you so much for taking the time to check it out! Glad you liked it :)


Interesting little game, and the monster certainly adds a flavor ;p I wasn't able to finish it though, I wasn't sure what exactly I should do. I ran around the house collecting anything I could, but always either monster got me, or I just got the game over screen (probably ran out of sanity). Still, it was fun and entertaining :)

Very interesting, if slightly surreal, experience ;D Twisted and original, I liked it :p

I'm sorry but I wasn't able to finish the game. First 20 minutes or so was just aiming mouse at the red flag far in the horizon and holding W + Shift to slowly move towards that direction. I kept having the same objective displayed to get some food. I found a shed which I was given the code to, but the shed didn't have any sort of keypad, so I went further. Finally I encountered the base, and a new objective was given to scout the base. I collected a bunch of planks and tarps, and found a keycode to basement. Later on i found the door to the basement, there was no key i needed to enter. I found the breaker, it clicked when I pressed it and... nothing. I went back to the base and nothing has changed. At this point I was just too worn out to continue :(

I feel like the ambition for the game was too large for the 2-week period of the jam (apparent by the amount of voice overs unheard of in a jam game! tons). It would be better to scale it waaay down and provide more packed, if shorter experience. I'm sorry for the harsh words :(

This game was an extreme exercise in frustration for me x_X On the one hand, there is no denial a lot of work and talent went into this. The puzzles are creative and plenty, very old-school when it comes to their logic. Still, make you feel smart when you solve them and make progress. Great job here (except for the friggin clock, more on that later). The UV light mechanic is a very nice addition. But all the fun and enjoyment was marred by the ABYSMAL walk speed. Had to keep left shift constantly pressed (run) to move with the astonishing speed of 1cm/hour. Also, the overall darkness inside the house paired with a flashlight covering maybe 60% of the screen causes extreme eye discomfort. You peel your eyes to fish out any kind of item or clue and that paired with low visibility made me dizzy at times. It wasn't really creating atmosphere, just hurt my eyes. And the clock puzzle... if there is anyone who solved it without a guide, then they are geniuses.

An interesting title, although with a bit confusing gameplay :)

A very solid entry, nice puzzles. Suffers a bit too much from the "I'll just leave this note with crucial plot point riiiight here" syndrome ;D

Yay! I won =D

Oh man, that was a very confusing experience =D I tried to finish it but was stuck on finding the last cube for getting L3 access. The whole idea is intriguing, but it's marred by confusing gameplay.

That was awesome! Neat idea with the projector! The puzzles were fun, and the story was cool! Very atmospheric, very fun!

Ah, an iClone user =D Very nice visuals, with a bit of a predicatble story ; ) But I had fun, thanks! =D

That was a nice trip =D Very musical. And the first person perspective animations are tricky to pull off so kudos for having them in a jam game! Bit cofusing, not sure what was going on with Mr Reinder, but it was fun =D

I liked it. Very neat, stylized visuals. Lack of sounds is kinda bummer though. I thought I will discover secret ending apart from the main one, but after getting an unsettling key, i didn't know what else I could do :C

I'm sorry, I was unable to finish the game :( After checking two rooms, nothing else happened. But this game definitely has unique style to it! And the music is catchy =D

Not as much a game, but rather interactive fiction. Clearly lot of effort went into this. Everything seems custom made, no ready made assets. Good job!

Dayum, that's impressive. Good story, great visuals, interesting puzzles. I REALLY liked it!

Short by meaningful story, aided by visuals and music. Also, there are cutscenes! With camera movement and such! Nicely done!

A very solid entry all around, congrats! Everything custom made, polished, nothing gives the impression of being "just a temp implementation for the jam". And I loved the narrative part, the idea! The puzzles were bit confusing, though. I was just clicking everything waiting for something to happen, the goal wasn't clear =D

I really like the Voice Overs, especially from the logs are very well acted. Done by the dev and sooo goood. Should try yourself in voice acting professionaly :o

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Will there be any? I mean, it's almost a month to go and there are serious cash prizes involved, so some may start before time...

edit: I obviously meant "theme/limitation revealed when the jam actually begins", I know it has to be narrative driven UE game ;p

Only if the protagonist is a d... :p thanks for checking it out!

Thank you for checking it out and for kind words!

SPOILER territory -  unknown is meant to represent the "inner demons" of the protagonist that keep him from moving on after losing someone :p

Interesting game with some actual gameplay mechanics. Not much of a horror (scare or atmosphere wise), but the creatures and the closing eye mechanics fit the bill. I really liked the art

I had my fun with throwin around items =D Also was nice to see hero character mesh with animations and such :)

Oh man, so many confusing feelings! A lot of hard work and talent were obviously poured into this project! And it is definitely unique and stands out from the crowd.

The first thing that catches the eye is obviously the art. Very nice and atmospheric. However, it was also the major part of my frustrations - it's 'doodly' nature combined with a slideshow esthetic, makes it very hard to get the bearings of your surroundings. It was difficult to imagine the space around me and where to go. I got stuck on the basement part, i found some doors that I couldn't walk through, tried to use the basement key on them a hundred times, to no avail ;C

Another thing that kinda took away the enjoyment was overload of the ambient/creepy sounds, especially in the basement. There were always at least 2 playing at any time, without any connection to things happening on the screen. If you would take them down a couple of notches, they would nicely improve the atmosphere.

But yeah, your imagination runs wild =D This is one of the most original games i tried on this jam so far!

Thanks for giving it a try!

Thanks for checking it out and for feedback! :) 


Well, in this ending ex kills you and she is the one that blocks her :D but i agree this could be communicated much better

I got the ending where a mutated bird ate me - that escalated fast :D

Uhm, I know that the rules of the jam were pretty lax but I'm not sure I would classify this as a game. I see the idea you were driving at, and it's a neat idea. Execution would need a lot more oomph though.

Also, it was very unlclear where i need to click to skip to the next image until i figured it out halfway. Some indicators would be nice

Neat, little game. Bogged down a bit by the infamous find x macguffins mechanic :)

Good Stuff: The city has a nice atmosphere to it

Bad stuff: The aforementioned find 10 candy mechanic

I enjoyed it. I especially like that there were no cheap jumpscares even though i expected some =D You kept the tension without wasting it

Good stuff: Environment is very good, especially the theater-thingy scene. Player always knows what to do next, no time wasted on walking around and looking for something new

Bad stuff: While the tension was properly kept, the fact that we really have no info on what's going on makes it kinda hard to actually be afraid :p Also, the pixelated style is a bit to much - pixels dance on the screen, especially on the ornated floor on the hall

I tried to play through it but i think it's bugged :( cannot get through the second room. The paper says 2015, i try to enter that on the keypad but it doesn't seem to register. Sometimes it beeps in the middle of me entering the combination, sometimes it gets stuck and i have to restart the game

Thank you for not giving up on it :)

Thanks! Im happy you liked it :) 


yeah, ex is dead, flickering lights when she writes were meant to point to that :p it's not the first time you talk to her, hence the hero is not surprised or anything like that. Unknown is like the inner voice of the hero, that doesnt allow him to move on after losing the loved one 3 years ago. Thats why in acceptance ending the Unknown contact gets deleted (although it may not be visible due to ending screen showing too fast xD)

Tried it, loved it ;P

Nicely done! The initial sequence of the subway ride is superb! And I'm not sure but did I hear polish subway station announcer? or russian maybe? ;p Got the bad ending though :C

Good stuff: Atmosphere! Lighting! Environment! Neat UI

Bad stuff: While awesome, the initial sequence takes a loooong time. I wanted to see if I can get a good ending, but then this sequence got stuck and didn't want to wait yet again to try :( (A skip button would help A LOT)