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thank you! Sorry to hear about the problems with the game :( after placing the fuse, and after she closes the doors on you, the doors to the boiler room open. You just need to enter that room, close the door, and hold them when she tries to open them

thank you! <3

yeah, if the jam lasted longer i could make a bad ending out if it :D thank you for checking the game out! Make sure to check the disclaimer section on the itch page, maybe it will help you out :)

Thank you for the kind words! It was meant to be a demo of the full version (thats why it's just a hook and not the full story) but unfortunately I have to abandon this project. There is a number of reasons but it all boils down to "the full version would be boring and bland". But I'll be making better games in its place so stick around :p

Thank you!<3

Thank you for checking it out! I'm sorry about the issues with completing the game  :(


Huh. My guess is that you don't have a way to unpack .rar files (the game is packed). Try downloading WinRAR - it will be able to unpack the archive. I thought windows would be able to natively deal with .rar as well, guess I was wrong :o

Thank you Friend! =)



There are no lives and you can retry as many times as you want. But going back to main menu indeed deletes the progress. There is no warning about that since the game takes around 10 - 15 minutes to finish so I deemed it unnecessary.

no worries, thank you for giving it another shot!

thank you! <3

You are trapped and need to look around for ways how to get out - you will see an interaction prompt, you cannot miss it really.

In case of further issues, take a look at one of the playthroughs, e.g

Have you tried MOVING your mouse though? If you have tutorial prompts on, you would see a prompt telling you that you can move your mouse/right thumbstick if played on controller. Just look around with the mouse and you'll surely see what to do

I assume you have turned off tutorial prompts - just look around :)


Thanks for kind words Friend!

Thank you kind Sir! Make sure to drop a link to the playthrough here once you do = )


Look at the door handle when you close them = )

You need to close the doors = ) It cannot phase through them, but.... can do other things ; )

Thanks! I think :p

Thank you muchacho :D

Appreciate it! Thanks man :)

thank you for playing and for these ubernice words if feedback :) you rule!

Ohhh, stop it you (blush) :D thank you for checking it out!

Thank YOU, kind Sir :)

That is actually a very neat idea :) thank you for feedback and checking out the game :)

Horror stories hardly can be joyful, can they? ;) Thank you for checking out the game!

Thank you soooo much for checking out this game and for your kind words! Have an awesome day mate

Thanks for the feedback, really appreaciate it! =) But don't be dissin' my windows and glass doors! =D

Thank you very much for give the game a whirl and sharing the feedback =) Cheers!

Weeeeeelll, actually I could - the house layout is modeled after my own =D

Glad you liked it friend!

That was a really insightful commentary and theory, pretty close to what I actually had in mind :) Awesomesauce dude!

Thanks man! And you found all appearances of Steven, even the most hidden ones, you rock :)

Sorry you didn't like the game. Still, thank you for taking your time to check it out and share feedback, appreciate it :) Take care and hang in there!

I'm a strange person :p thank you for playing!

Thank you, kind Sir =)