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I am not sure about house style for cities that MFCG makes. It already has rivers, parks and fields (which VG does not have). What I would like is islands and rivers not of same width. I am ambivalent about trees - it would need less than villages i would think.

Happy Xmas and a much better new Year. Thanks for you genius generators


I agree about a graveyard - pref outside city walls.


The new updates are great, thank you! 
I would still love a SVG though
Love the stonework style

Thanks for considering them, especially the gates


Here is the original download - done before most of the recent changes.

My latest Mansion

I thought I would do a quick B&W map of a generated dungeon.

A map of a generated village. The blank spots are for village info.

Another Watabou spectacular. hope we can get to download it as PNG at least. it would be great if we could get floorplans a la Mansions.

This is a close up of a very small area of the city

Hi, Oleg,

Can I suggest two new buttons in the layout menu.

1.Specify number of gates (which also decides number of roads leading from city). I know that this can be done manually, but it is much less convenient.

2. Specify number for deciding size of city (& number of buildings) - eg much smaller than small (say 5) or much larger than Large (say 100). Perhaps add a Custom Size under the Large button, which makes you choose the number for either size, or perhaps number of buildings. I have successfully downloaded a city of size 250, and converted it into a map (to give me a city that realistically can have a population of 1,000,000.

This programme is possibly even more powerful than you know.

My city is the capital of the largest nation in my fantasy world - a sort of Constantinople. It has 235252 buildings - pretty impressive.

Yes, please. You are just terrific.

Quenten Walker

5:15 PM (0 minutes ago)
to Patreon

My main request is to get a SVG download of the Village generator, pretty please. Love your work more and more

Iron age buildings, eg Celtic britain; even native American, Mongol, Inuit

I love the contours, river and coast - much more realistic then in MFCG. Any chance of doing the same for MCFG? (my favourite generator)

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I second the desire for svg

For walls, markets and larger population sizes, just use Medieval fantasy City generator

Is there any chance of this option as shown in the twitter gif, being put as an option instead of or in addition to warp. This is JUST what I want, and would solve the citadel placement thing

Thanks for explaining hub. And of course you can use it on twitter.

That gives me roughly what I want - in the blueprint, i make sure i have no 1 cell wings unless I want them as towers. And an option for overhangs vs no overhangs would work just fine. Thanks for considering it.

The ability to specify what are towers or not is wonderful. Again thank you.

Two things. If you specify at least one tower, could you make it that nothing else other than the marked squares are towers? If no square is marked, then towers as per normal 'random'. 

Second, could you do a similar thing for marking whether overhand or not - if you mark one, only the marked are overhangs, otherwise as normal if nothing marked. Sometimes I want the overhangs to be normal, sometimes less overhangs, sometimes in specific places.

Again, this just gets better and better.

You can specify the number of gates, which actually decides how many roads lead to/from your town.

And the castle

In addition, I used your Mansions generator to create the temple and castle (hence the changes from the original castle)

The original

I have watched the link. Just the ability to add 'districts' , water and site of citadel would be so fantastic. With warp, i can make some changes, but not as fantastic as those. I would prefer this to curved streets any day. And what exactly is a hub? What should happen if I change its value to 0 or 3, say? I can't really detect the changes.

BTW, any chance of an update on your current projects with this and your other magnificent generators.

Here is the example of a castle town I did yesterday in 4 hours, along with the original. Impossible to do so quickly without your generator.

Love the gable roofs. Now for doors, windows, flower boxes, doormats, shoe scrapers, welcome signs, street signs, traffic lights, and of course a MacDonalds.

Seriously, the idea of a hill sounds tremendous. Perhaps have contour lines in the MCFG as well?

I have exported the city I successfully dragged onto the viewer, but what do I do with it , ie, how do I use .obj files? Sorry, but I am a technomoron.

Your big fan, Quenten

Fair enough. I do use compasses on all my settlements though. But thanks for such a speedy reply. I also use fancy ones if the city is highly coloured as well.

Just a suggestion, but not a 'vital' one. Any chance of having a compass option in the MCFG using the Compass generator you have developed

Cheers, Quenten.

Thanks. you are far from bad, you are great! Q

I am having no problems with this great generator, till 3 days ago, when all my saved svg plans suddenly look like this, no matter what i do. I has worked properly before, but not now. I have windows 10, and there has been an update since then, but it has not normally been a problem before (though with Windows, i admit anything can happen. I have restarted my computer several times with ne effect. Is anyone else having this problem?

Just 2 thoughts (for now). Could you specify towers on or not, at the beginning of the creation process and at the blueprint stage; and the same for overhangs - sometimes, I like them, sometimes not.


Wow. Thanks for that info. This generator is now on par with MFCG.  Watabou the Wonderful!

The blue print offers even more options - I so love this (and I can save the plans fine now). Is there a chance that one day we can either add our own blueprints, or even better, just fill in the squares we want as the 'footprint'. Sorry to be greedy.

I open my Widows explorer, minimized both windows and dragged the JSon onto the picture in City viewer, an voila. Took a few goes though.

A wonderful generator - here is a villa made from it - early days yet, but this is using the generated data unchanged.

One problem - exporting the plan by pressing Enter while in plan view worked beautifully - till just now. No matter how many times I reload the whole programme, I still have the same problem. I would love an answer, even if it is not your generator doing this. But the rest of my computer works fine.

I also love your one page dungeon, though I would like a download into SVG if possible, so I have a vector copy.

I have worked out what I was doing wrong. Boy, it is FANTASTIC. Now a 3D view of my generated city, from which I can take multiple snap images, and lead my players along 3D streets. This tool has become just fantastic.

Yes I would be editing, as well as importing it into my mapping program. But please accept my gratitude for 4 wonderful products of yours that I now use for mapping extensively - cities, city 3d (and I have worked out what I was doing wrong in importing my generated city to 3D), this dungeon, and the fantastic mansions. I have been spreading the Watabou gospel to all my mapping friends.