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CC3Plus from ProFantasy.

The MFCG is an amazing program, and now I have a mapping program which can take the city generated, download as svg, transform that into dxf, and bob's your uncle! Here is one map I did.

I use it to get the maps into my map program which can use it to turn the data into something usable by my program. I hadn't thought of trying JSON. BTW, and chance of adding number of gates onto the options menu, eg in the one that says Buildings, Towers, Water etc?

Thanks for your prompt answer Quenten

Is there any chance of saving the maps as a dxf? I can convert the svg to dxf, but it would be handy.

Thank you. However, can this also be added to the Options part of the menu?

I use Chrome, and have no problem (except with the new gates parameter.

I cannot see where to specify gate no, and when I add it into the parameters at the http level, it just reverts to no gate options  - can you consider fixing this please, especially on the Style part of the menu.

Curves and circles would be good, as well as dots and other diacretics. But a really great start - as usual from watabou

Just an amazing job.

I definitely want 1 & 3