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Citadel Centric Cities?

A topic by Frostgore created 20 days ago Views: 404 Replies: 2
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I've been using this generator for my custom D&D campaign, and it's been great.

However, I'd like to create a city where the cital is at its center. I know I can photoshop it to some extent and achieve what I'm aiming for, but is there a way to generate a cidatel at the center of the shapes and have a secondary wall forming around it?


This illustrates what I mean (the most important building, keep/cidatel is at the center, and the city is 'built around it'.)

Developer (1 edit)

I don't see your image, but I think I understand what you are asking about (something like this?). Currently the closest thing you can get is a city without city walls, but with a shanty town, which can grow around the citadel. Being able to generate a city with a citadel inside city walls is a popular request, so eventually it will be implemented.


Yes. That's pretty much what I have in mind indeed!

Great :)

I'll be looking forward to it.