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Ideas for added uses

A topic by Madmansmind created 25 days ago Views: 284 Replies: 7
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I love this generator. It's great and does some amazing things that I think a lot of people trying to create realistic maps want. That being said, I think there are some additional functions that might make this work differently or provide an added use.

Adding a draw tool to the generator runs might help some people.  Being able to eatablish boundaries, or even the shape of the water to draw upon, adds a nice function. I'm thinking this would allow for something like a circular city built around a central point. Or a city shaped around other objects, like a city specifically in the shadow of a mountain, or wrapped around a forest.

Also, offering up a pdf format  export would be nice too so that people might use the image with better definition in photoshop.


Ability to define a city by drawing its borders is a popular request and I am working on it (here is a very old video: link).

Could you explain why PDF is  preferable to SVG for you?

I have watched the link. Just the ability to add 'districts' , water and site of citadel would be so fantastic. With warp, i can make some changes, but not as fantastic as those. I would prefer this to curved streets any day. And what exactly is a hub? What should happen if I change its value to 0 or 3, say? I can't really detect the changes.

BTW, any chance of an update on your current projects with this and your other magnificent generators.

Here is the example of a castle town I did yesterday in 4 hours, along with the original. Impossible to do so quickly without your generator.

The original

In addition, I used your Mansions generator to create the temple and castle (hence the changes from the original castle)

And the castle


Sorry, I couldn't reply straight away because of 7DRL and then forgot to get back later.

What a cool example of using two generators on one map! Do you mind if I share it on my Twitter? I should find a way to implement closer integration  between my generators...

Hub is just a URL name  for "More roads" option. It's binary - either "0" or "1".


Thanks for explaining hub. And of course you can use it on twitter.