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What an interesting and entertaining little journey that was.

Ridiculous, so immediate, entertaining and with so much it could teach AA games, the open design of the levels is a hoot.

My friends are really excited about this one!

A really smart and addictive little game, with glorious neon visuals. 

Thanks so much for including it in the recent bundle!

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A startling invitation for the mindful. What desperate kitsch, barren ugliness these faeries unleash in their pointless quest to grow their society. How does a fully realised Faerie Palace, surrounded by woodsheds, bogus healing crystals, and countless identical dwellings compare in beauty to just one of those magnificent oaks, if left to grow unmolested?

It cannot be a coincidence that they spend the majority of this game literally undermining themselves. The glaring omission of the risk of death or any permanent physical injury for the faeries from the real life risks of collapsing mines, falling branches, is clearly an authorial decision to heighten the players sense of magical specialness. This can be you perfect world. A perfectly safe, perfectly ugly, uniform faries-only world, where nature only exists as far as it bends to your will.

Go on, fertilize that raspberry bush again. You can always aggressively prune any new growth from the neighbouring trees to ensure it receives enough sunlight. If you do it right, all new growth will cease permanently, leaving you with perfectly bare and usefully strong branches, a zero maintenance structure  perfectly suited to supporting your buildings and sunlight capturing devices.

Feedback/requests: Ability to name faeries and enforce some sort of social hierarchy. And would it kill you to include a few fan-service scenes?

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Hide is incredibly important if I am to continue using this site. I am getting the same 120 titles thrown back at me over and over again. It's only from outside links  that I can break free of the algorythym's constrictive nature. The 'other titles' highlighted on the download page for one of these older titles reveals a handful of stuff that is extremely appealing to me. Which suggests to me that the general algorythym is much too concentric.

As it is, I have to find outside links to games itch itself hasn't revealed to me, then download one, then use that page to find something else to download for another page of the stuff I want to look through.

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A series of themed music boxes, which present a series of abstract puzzles in order to be unlocked and activated. The player is given almost no clue and has no option but to play with everything and figure it out. These aren't hard games, but the challenge is about right for the reward on offer, as the story of the box completes and it bursts into life with a song and dance. The overall effect was quite like an old Lucasarts adventure game, with the intuitive, ingenius mechanics wrapped up in a colourful, characterful, tasteful and skillfully realised presentation that put even this old miserable player into a genuinely light hearted mood.

Most games play on our dopamine levels. The cycle of addiction is what matters. Your attention returns to an ever streamlined mental sequence you employ to recapture the win. You are locked ever deeper into the game.

GNOG is a serotonin wonderland. You enter facing a task that is not signposted, and leave stimulated and overwhelmed. You might feel better about things, or notice that you have carried over a little bit of extra sensitivity to the pleasure of your senses and the world around us.

I hope many more games are influenced by titles like this one. Play is a chance to therapise our inner child. It's a shame the industry thrives on games that teach us to be organised and streamlined in order for arbitrary status rewards, in essence, replicating the idea of work, but holding the player in a loop that does not result in creativity or the construction of something they can take beyond the game....or games that simply offer ever more ways to smash, destroy and vanquishing opponents.

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WOW. Great game...  one of the best I've played in my 40 plus years.

First of all, it is such an impressive feat of VG writing.

Secondly, I loved how the games were hard enough to make you learn, make you try, but easy enough to never frustrate me. In each instance, the game made me pay attention to the joy involved in learning a mechanic, and identifying when to use it.

I would compare the overall experience as a player as similar to that I got from  ...maybe a LucasArts adventure? But I want to point out that this game is never anything less than something VERY original, unique and fresh.

I can't give you much more praise than that.

There's no priviledge like giving and supporting. It's literally the best thing going. More opportunities are always welcome.

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You're being divisive, political and practicing whataboutism. Racial justice in this context concerns the relationship between people of differing ethnicities and the state. The states formed by people of western ethnicity, where nearly all of us live. We are all personally responsible for the political realities in those states. You are trying to change the focus to attrocities on another continent. That is obviously a very different subject. I don't believe you are concerned with those events, indeed, it's normal for people who fit your profile to argue that our states should not bother to intervene - I believe you have raised them to attempt to demoralise people who are expressing their view on their relationship with their own state and the politics within it.

To be brief, the question is not 'do I care about black people', it's, 'do I find the treatment of black people in my state and by people whom I share a culture with acceptable'.

Have you spent a lot of time on before, or did you just find out about the success of the bundle and decide to rehash these bad faith arguments with CAPITAL LETTERS, a PEPE avatar and tactics of CONFUSING closely related ideas and words, and HIDING your true opinion?

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I can only count that far.  I have 20 fingers and toes, counting them again with one eye closed only gets me to fourty.

BTW I was working on this list already to help those overwhelmed like me - I really didn't mean to suggest you should put them on your list... I'll go through yours again and try and find a couple of essentials.

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I've come up with about 100 fair recommendations on my own, split into three lists.

I hope many more people post lists, I'm sure it will help the community.