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a nice reminder i should play more pictobits. and at 3 hours dev it's a nice feat . kudos !

heck'a charming, heck'a hard , heack'a good!

updated the rating . this games rules and owns!

righ up my alley . adventure time retro adventure to waste my time with . nice layout and i loved the abstraction taht took place to make it a small game . the jump feels like it needs to float a bit more tho. loved it !

this game is not just good or well crafted or full of variety . this game is cool!

sweet and well crafted little game. fits perfectly on the theme. thumbs up! 

Pretty enjoyable game .the music really sells it and the game design is not bad either ;) .

Couldnt shoot . besides that . its a fracking masterpiece. music and graphs are ama-z-ng! the idea is geniously bonkers!

Very nice game ! simple but quite rad!

D-licious game you got here, quite flawlessly executed . i'm jelly !

very well made and lovely .

I dig this mixture of aesthetics and gameplay very much . it's quite lovely.

plays great, looks great ,sounds great 


Thank you very much for playing my game. I'm glad you liked it. I'ts quite rewarding to watch a play session of my game and see it strike a chord as it did .

Thanks for pointing that out.

Mostly an error in my part for only testing on 16:9 monitors