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Ah, I thought it might have been background. I had leader in my first playthrough and have arts in this one. Not sure why I thought exploration progress was what gave new options. Thanks.

On my 2nd playthrough of 0.5 Asterion has a black shirt/vest with the orange Greek pattern, but on my last playthrough he had a pink shirt with 'Moo!' on it. Is this random or determined by dialogue? Also, I've tried focusing on exploration for Luke and Kota rather than Tech but they still haven't found any new clothing options for Asterion, currently on chapter 15. 

So what's the deal? Am I missing something or is it randomly determined?

Typical, you just wanna run a comfy hotel and the creepy German lady's got me explaining war atrocities

I'm replaying the God of War series and made myself laugh yesterday thinking about how Asterion would react to something like that

When I did my first playthrough on the previous version of the game I admit I was mostly waiting around for some Minotaur action since I generally don't play VNs.

After my playthrough on the current version I have to say I enjoy the story and characters enough that I'm fine with what we've gotten so far in that department, I have enough of an affection for Asterion as a character that I want to see the romantic aspect of the story develop naturally. I think the writers have done a good job with this and I like that it's a believable relationship and not some generic 'You were nice to me three times master and now I love you forever'

Whether he's a top or a bottom isn't really important to me, I think him being either could work with enough time and context, and I don't think his submissive nature is reflective of either, it's more likely the result of him being secluded from people and kept in servitude for most of his life, and being wary of the Master. He gets to be fairly assertive about what he wants later on in the story.

My summary of the ruthless route

I just finished the ruthless path, I have to give the writers credit, I have never felt like such a bastard in a game or VN before and I'm glad it wasn't just 'do the evil option and get the sad dialogue'
It's actually worth doing after a normal playthrough since it adds a lot to the cast and world and made me appreciate Asterion more, genuinely broke my heart to see him go from numbing himself to cope with things to breaking down and crying when he sees the only thing that gives him any joy or purpose destroyed for nothing.
I'm sorry, moo-man.