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Question about Asterion's clothing

A topic by PWong created 6 days ago Views: 131 Replies: 3
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On my 2nd playthrough of 0.5 Asterion has a black shirt/vest with the orange Greek pattern, but on my last playthrough he had a pink shirt with 'Moo!' on it. Is this random or determined by dialogue? Also, I've tried focusing on exploration for Luke and Kota rather than Tech but they still haven't found any new clothing options for Asterion, currently on chapter 15. 

So what's the deal? Am I missing something or is it randomly determined?


Asterion's outfit is determined by the player background you pick at the start of the game. Other options appear through R&D and story progression.

Ah, I thought it might have been background. I had leader in my first playthrough and have arts in this one. Not sure why I thought exploration progress was what gave new options. Thanks.

exploration can also give new options, from what i can remember i've managed to get the yellow color, the sunglasses/normal glasses, and the bell with the spotted color