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It takes way too long for the ball to stop rolling. Some extra friction or being able to swing from a higher speed would be appreciated.

A very interesting concept! I appreciate that you made it just left and right, since it's always a bit confusing in isometric views.

It's nothing too special, but I've got a soft spot for this kind of compact level design. I liked the part where you use the wall climb to go between spikes, I thought that was clever.

Very nice! More to it than I expected.

I fought tooth and nail, and eventually sank my teeth in. That's all I got. Great game.

Is the joke that ctrl+W is close window?

Very nice! I appreciate the polish, even though it's not complete.

I like how the jump changes based on where you use it; it adds some depth to the simple controls.

I'm stuck in the tutorial. The arrows won't appear.