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It takes way too long for the ball to stop rolling. Some extra friction or being able to swing from a higher speed would be appreciated.

A very interesting concept! I appreciate that you made it just left and right, since it's always a bit confusing in isometric views.

I feel like you made some simple objects, then went all-out on utilizing them.

I like how the map is dense, and split up into themed areas. I like how the areas are different challenges, like the mini-dungeon in the middle and the concave sections at the bottom. I like how the areas change in difficulty depending on which direction you enter from.

I like the big clusters of enemies. They remind me of the original Super Mario Bros, like an out of the way platform with three coins on it, and you're excited to get it because it gets you a big chunk closer to a 1-up.

I like the little flourishes like the cloud shaped platforms and the hanging vines. I like the shaft at the bottom left that drops you into a pile of snow (I'm guessing).

I like how any enemy on a two block platform can be taken out without standing on those two blocks, except for the very last one.

The game's still not that fun in the end, but the harder I looked at it the more detail and thought I saw, and I didn't want you to go without someone acknowledging it.

It's nothing too special, but I've got a soft spot for this kind of compact level design. I liked the part where you use the wall climb to go between spikes, I thought that was clever.

Very nice! More to it than I expected.

I fought tooth and nail, and eventually sank my teeth in. That's all I got. Great game.

Is the joke that ctrl+W is close window?

Very nice! I appreciate the polish, even though it's not complete.

I like how the jump changes based on where you use it; it adds some depth to the simple controls.

I'm stuck in the tutorial. The arrows won't appear.