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Hey! I really love your work and art style. I would appreciate it if you made a dwarf top-down pack along with your elves, humans, and orcs. I would really consider buying the whole bundle. Thank you again for your hard work! :)

I loved this game! Great Job!

Yeah, your 100% right. That was mistake on my part.  Live and learn I guess.

I wanted to make the game hard. And the walls being an instant kill kind of does that. Thanks for playing, and your input.

Thank you for playing!

Thank you for playing!

Thank you for playing!

Thank you for playing!  Also, the net going through the walls is intentional, so you can see where you clicked. Also, you are only able to attach your string to the ceiling, so it may seem weird. I probably should have added a clear visual indicator on where you can latch your web.

Thanks for Playing! :)

Thanks for Playing! :)

Thanks for Playing! :)

Thanks for Playing! :)

Great game! Loved the concept!

Thanks for Playing.
And yep,  I'll probably tweak some stuff after the rating is over.

Thanks for Playing.
Yeah, I'll probably tweak a few things after the jam is done, or at least the rating part.

Yeah, I probably made the powerups a bit too strong.
There is scaling, but its probably not to the level that is needed.
Thank you for playing!

Hey! Thanks for checking out the game :)
Yeah, I didn't really get that much time to balance and test like I would have liked.
After the jam, I'll probably tweak a few things. 

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Thanks for playing!

Thank you for playing! I went with a black and white tileset to help the color of the enemies stand out more; it seemed to work well with the jam's theme.  Thanks so much for the feedback.

I'm glad you enjoyed it! Thanks for playing!


One of the most creative concepts I've seen for this jam so far. This is such a great interpretation of the jam's limitation and very relatable.  I also had a lot of fun with the mini-game(my high score was 16 coins). 

I love everything about this game. The cover art is great, the controls are fluid, and the art is simple but appealing. Fantastic work!

Really cool concept.  Very straightforward and enjoyable game.

The vibrant colors made this game a real pleasure to play, and the soundtrack was really catchy.  Terrific work!

The art is fantastic! I also loved the ambient lighting.

I enjoyed the music and the background art looked great. Overall, a very pretty and fun game.

Thank you for Playing!

Thanks for playing and rating!

Thanks for playing!

I was thinking about having the character suck up color from the ground to add to their health/bullets, but sadly,  that would have taken too much time. Thank you so much for playing!

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I altered a few things; it should have better performance now. Thank you for playing!

Great presentation! I love looking at all the colored lights. And definitely a unique way of using the limitation. Well done! 

PS: I reached day 18.

Love the art and concept! The game was simple to learn and had many interesting ideas.  Also, the cover art is great.

Really fun game. I thought you used the limitation very well. Great Job!

Loved the art and animations!

I love the art style and concept. Although, I do feel there should be more mechanics to offset bad RPG. But overall, amazing work!

Really enjoyed the game! I found the concept exceptionally unique and clever. The puzzles were all well designed and fitted every system perfectly.

Great game! I really liked the controls.

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Amazing Game! Love the smooth camera movement and music.