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Hey Lacoste! I believe the plan is to hold the next competition next year to give more time for planning and execution (also give the judges a bit of a break). As far as I know there is no separate category for GB Studio games, and I don’t think there will be one for the nature of the compo, but there may be separate events in the future from other organizers.

I just realized I didn’t link my FAQ when I transferred my skins to itch. Hoping this guide helps:

I know for me the d-pad was mapped to x/y values on my SNES USB Clone controller.

I’ll let another judge correct me if I’m wrong, but the intent of that rule was to allow as many people as possible to play your game. At this point, it should be fine to sell physical carts of it.

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If the ROM can run on an emulator (a high quality one such as bgb, emulicious or sameboy), chances are it will run fine on hardware.

[Edit: specify some emulators]

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SGB features will not be judged as part of the competition since the judges do not all have the hardware to test. If you include them, they won’t disqualify your entry, but if your game relies on it your game may be excluded from being judged.

Depending on which OS you’re on, you might have to ctrl-click and select “Open” to bring up the dialogue to allow the app to run. Or you may need to download and run it from the Itch app.