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Compo 2022? -> Not this year. Maybe 2023

A topic by Rajcsányi László (WLS) created Jun 12, 2022 Views: 53 Replies: 3
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Hello! Are you planning to start a compo this year as well? A separate GB-Studio competition to make the resource comparable? :)

Jam Host(+2)

Hey Lacoste! I believe the plan is to hold the next competition next year to give more time for planning and execution (also give the judges a bit of a break). As far as I know there is no separate category for GB Studio games, and I don’t think there will be one for the nature of the compo, but there may be separate events in the future from other organizers.


Thank you very much for your reply!

Jam Host

FYI: Edited the topic to include a summary of the answer