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Is it possible to submit a Super GB-only game?

A topic by Dr. Ludos created Jul 16, 2021 Views: 171 Replies: 3
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Would it be allowed to submit a game that requires the Super Game Boy to this competition?

By requiring, I mean that the game would use some of the SGB-only features (like colors, borders covering the gameplay area, audio played from the SGB, two player controls with SNES gamepads, etc.), and thus won't be really playable on other GB models.

From reading the rules ("SGB features are allowed (but don't rely on them"), I think the answer would be a no, but I'm asking to be 100% sure it's forbidden as I had a cool idea for a game using the SGB features.

Thanks for your answer, and for running such a cool competition! :)

Jam Host (1 edit) (+1)

SGB features will not be judged as part of the competition since the judges do not all have the hardware to test. If you include them, they won’t disqualify your entry, but if your game relies on it your game may be excluded from being judged.



Thanks a lot for the clarification!

I think I'll go another route then, as being able to play the game I want to make would indeed require either an actual SGB+SNES or to use BSNES  emulator (BGB does support most SGB features, but not all).

Thanks again for running this compo :)

Jam Host

you can submit, but can not win a compo with a SNES game, which just runs from the GB cart. because it is a Game Boy compo, not SNES. judges will run entries on the real hardware: DMG, CGB and emulators: BGB or SameBoy.

rules say:

4. SGB features are allowed. The entries will be evaluated mainly on Game Boy (Color). You can use SGB features, but don't rely on them as main features for your entry.