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Selling Games; All Good Now Or Only After Judging?

A topic by GameBuoyGames - Michael Towns created Nov 18, 2021 Views: 124 Replies: 5
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Just wanted to clarify one of the GB Compo rules. Specifically rule eighteen.

"18. The submission must be available for free for the public (and not only the judges). Submission will be published and kept online for free on the competition website, while you are free to keep working on it (and eventually charge for it/make commercial usage)."

Wanting to check if that means physical versions can go up for sale right away or if they'd have to wait til the judgings over first.

Cheers heaps, keep up the awesome work everyone aaaand good luck!

Jam Host

I’ll let another judge correct me if I’m wrong, but the intent of that rule was to allow as many people as possible to play your game. At this point, it should be fine to sell physical carts of it.


Sweet, cheers heaps for the reply. Labels and such rocked up the other day and I popped together and promo vid. but I might hold off a day or to juuust incase though haha. Free version downloadable version of it'll always be there though so thinkin' it should be all good.

Host (1 edit)

Hey, we never claimed to have any right on your submissions :) The rule was there to ensure that people knew that the “compo build” of the game needed to be set as free download and will be included in the compo compilation “zips”. You’re free to commercialize it :) Good luck and ping us when you have something done, we can reshare it on


Nah wasn't thinking there'd be any rights or ownership stuff, more so if finished was swinging towards game-finished or jam-finished.

Maaaay have something up for sale either later today or tomorrow too, will let ya know when it's all good to go and cheers heaps!


Aaaaand just chucked the listing up, tagged the gbdev0 account in a tweet about it too. Thanks a big bunch again to ye both.