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aaaahhh what tact :]

Ahh, it seems I've reached the end of the main quest for 1.5?

Hey friend, just wonder, I've completed all events for each girl to the point where my status panel looks like the image attached.
I am at the point in the story where you are waiting for Hanna to make an antidote for Juno. So I'm wondering if there are still more H-scenes after this point or have I accessed all the h scenes regardless of story progress? I see there are a few h scenes on your itch page that I haven't seen yet and I'm hoping I can see those

Ah great WG, sounds good. thsnk you

Now I can't seem to enter the cave on the map to get Hanna's 3 red stones? Are there prerequisites I must meat to get be able to click on the cave?

Ah, excellent, I made progress ! I was actually unable to too Alice cuz I always had her doing missions xD

Hey where do I find Alice after I complete my first  missions? It tells me to talk with Alice midday but I can't find her anywhere in the game. Same with Rokka, it tells me to talk to her in the afternoon but I can't find her anywhere in town or anywhere else for that matter. It seems I'm stuck now

Now this is actually some VERY respectable game design. You had a pretty solid trade-off system where some characters were really strong in one way but weak in others, which was a very pleasant surprise. The pistol characters having crazy range but bad accuracy, for example. Or the Rapier characters having crazy speed, but very very little HP.

I honestly can't be mad at this submission. Good job.

Wish I had a mac D: would love to add to your ratings!

Let me tell you, impressive. For what your group did, it was done pretty well in terms of 2D art and functioning systems.
I'd like to add onto all the feedback regarding visual/auditory input. Didn't know exactly what I was doing until after about 10 mins of (trying) playing. This was even after I read your descript--just simply didn't know if what I was doing was having any effect.

That bein said, nothing but respect. Your team had a vision and followed through, and it shows in your entry!

Glad you enjoyed what we had to offer! Mind talking a bit more about the quirks of the gameplay so that it may be considered for future projects?
Definitely agree with you about the music, I still open the game up just to listen to the music sometimes haha!

F i r e.

That is all.

How I love simple games!

It is definitely a challenge to find an answer to "how do I make a simple game that's fun in a short amount of time" question, and I think this is a good answer!

The jitteriness of the gameplay was a little off-putting, I would have been able to enjoy it a lot more if the snek and chickens and such moved with no interruptions, but i'm sure you could make the 1-unit movement work too with some small refinements.

Overall very cute and enjoyable game!

Your game was something else, let me tell you! Great minimalism!

Thanks for your feedback, it really helps and means a lot, no joke!

This could be a simple casual commercial game. Nice and concise, and very conclusive.

Irene really did do a good job on the UI!

Thanks for your feedback, we'll use it for future jams. Peace!

Thank you for showing appreciation for the gameplay idea we came up with! Thank you for the feedback on your overall gameplay experience :]

Oh trust me, the theme's there :D Maybe you'll feel more of it when you play again. We're definitely polishing it up bit by bit. We've already made some updates, but will be max polished by tomorrow.

Make this steam game, PRONTO lol

Great application of the theme to a tetris-style game! I can tell this took some thought. My high score was 1334. Everybody leave a reply telling me yours! xD

Shooting things always satisfies!

I love the premise of this game. Play the game the "wrong" way in order to beat it. This could a new genre of puzzle game haha

Not gonna like I loved the gravity in this game. It was fun to jump around and slash, and slash while moving haha

Love the overload meter idea!

Firstly, opening track is epic af. Unfathomably epic. Piano, guitar, and flute? Yes. Secondly, I love the Dark-soulsy feel of it. I can tell a lot of care was put into the character controls and animations. There's a problem that happens when moving the window of the game where it gets stuck at the bottom of the screen, just to let you know for future reference just in case you wanna try to figure out what's going on and fix it. The horde of enemies that come by every few seconds was challenging and enjoyable, until I died haha xD

I played this for a good 15 minutes. This is really impressive for a 3 day game, honestly. It could easily become a full game as a lot of people who like strategy adventure games might gravitate toward this! The teleport mechanic is super fun, I used it to bob and weave around the enemies as I tried to get the mutation I wanted for the situation. Very fun.

Thanks, friend!

Super simple yet surprisingly solid gameplay loop. With more polish would be a solid app game or online flash game.

Got it, i'll give that a shot!

Didnt seem very at first hm? xD

Uhh i may just be slow but it seemed like i wasn't able to move left and right with A and D? i was just stuck. That being said though, the effects, sounds, details in general were very impressive. Great work, super super creative!

I kept getting killed by the wolves lol. Love the atmosphere though. Tried going north east too, but kept getting attacked and running out of fire xD I would love to play a full version of this though!

Barely got past the tutorial, but definite would be a great CoolMathGames game with a just a bit more polish

I had a lot of fun with the sounds!

Nice! Any suggestions you think i should prioritize next time?

I found myself gravitating toward the left mouse click. Maybe a key next to the big donut throwing key would have worked too

Another fun game. This would make a good app game! Tooootally vibing with the background music. Only thing i wish is that the throw button wasnt the E key, had my finger dancing over each other

the whole games an oxymoron lol

bomb frickin diggity. Finalize this badboy some more and it'd be a fun app game!