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It's a cool game,  and I like the style/mechanics but here's a couple issues for the update: 

1: There is a glitch in the audio.  After playing for a few minutes, the audio (music and sfx) are all the sudden playing at half the sample rate (or something - it's glitchy slow) This is on windows 10 using ASIO audio.

2: The jumps for the first couple pit levels are annoyingly precise. Once we get the solution figured out, it still takes many tries because there are a few too many pixels involved. Some sort of averaging/ forgiveness on the jumps would greatly improve the game.

Overall a great game for 3 days development. Hopefully once the jam is done, it will get some more levels and polish.

What a great game! I really loved minit, and this is a perfect minigame take on both the mechanics and graphics. Congrats on another soon to be classic game!

As for the size of the bundle, that is the exact reason why we need a way to see all owned items in one place. It is beyond tedious to have to clunkily navigate the bundle one page at a time or search by name when we don't even have a simple way to see a list of what is in the bundle - especially when for whatever reason the site makes no distinction between what has already been purchased and what hasn't. Games that are purchased without an account have nothing to do with accounts not displaying games that have been purchased.

I don't feel a need to download and install every single game - I will do that one at a time as I discover them and try them out - but a way to browse the games I've purchased so I can decide what to try is sorely needed. There are some third party projects that have taken on indexing the bundle such as: and that's great, but there is no reason why it can't be integrated on itch.

Sorry to take such an aggressive tone, I'm just frustrated from trying to use what I feel should be basic features inherent to any game distribution and management site/app.

Thank you. I figured there must be a way that I just hadn't figured out yet. I still think it would be helpful if it was more prominent. It would be nice to have  a link for that at the top of the forum while logged in.

That is a really bad mechanic, imho. I have purchased both the bundle and a few other games and things seperately. All are tied to my account. I have downloaded and installed both games from the bundle and non bundle games. There is no indication when I am on a game's page that I have purchased it. This defeats the purpose of having an account.

This seems to be a dead thread, but as it is still stickied and the exact topic for this, here goes.

Is there not a simple way to view your own posts without digging through the whole list? If not, there should be a section in your profile or a prominent link to go to a list of your posts and see your replies all in one place. I'm new here, so apologies if I may have just missed it.

I thought the issue was related to the bundle for racial justice and equality, but I have another game I have purchased that also shows the "buy" button even when I attempt to play the installed and purchased game from within the app.

It seems to depend not on whether you have purchased the game, but which path you take to get to the game page. This makes no sense. If I own a game, the system must know this, whether I click things in the right order or not.

I want to like itch. I prefer it to steam in theory. But issues like this make it very hard to use. 

For example, I decided to buy some games that are in the summer sale. Not because I need more games right now (gonna take a while to get through the bundle), but because I want to support the site and some of the developers that were involved in such an amazing fundraising effort. Unfortunately, the site has no idea which games I already own and will apparently sell them to me over and over.  This is a fundamental flaw in the entire site. If it can not be fixed, the site is basically unusable. I don't mean to be so harsh, but I'm quite frustrated and I imagine many many others are as well.

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It has been quite a while since the bundle ended, and although there have been some minor changes to the library is navigated, it sorely needs an overhaul. The biggest issue by far is that the system doesn't even register which games a user has already paid for.  This is a huge problem. The entire point of a game distribution platform is to keep track of which games have been purchased by each account. When I am browsing itch, whether through the app or the site, if I am logged in to my account, there is no reason why I should be presented with a 'buy now for $x' button on a game I already own. 

There is also the issue of navigating the bundle. I think part of the problem stems from the concept of adding games to your library and not wanting to flood it. There should be one list that automatically includes all purchased games, without them needing to be added one by one. There can be other tools for navigating the purchased list. Sort by rating, tags , a 'favorites' list, etc.

I realize that the response to the bundle exceeded all expectations and kind of overwhelmed the existing structure. I know these things take time, but these things need to be fixed asap.

A huge thanks to all the developers that made this bundle happen. It was and is an amazing thing. With a few (very necessary) tweaks, it will be infinitely improved.