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Hahahaha XD

Congratulation, what ever the result don't let it disturb or discourage your friend and you. We all start somewhere and hope that the both of you will keep making. Best of luck.

It is fix, ty for the feed back.

Is the game not starting?

If you go in the bottom right of the first level there is two white case. If you step on them you get transport into another room where there is the key for the prison cell.

Thank you, I am not the only one who fell that way. Yeah, I ran short in time, if I finished the enemy sprite 2.5 hours before the deadline.

Glad you liked it, especially the "Click bait" fight. I wanted to add way to swamp party member, but I was running short int time. As for the cylinder, they are my test sprite. Matter of fact, if I didn't finish the enemy sprite 2.5 hours before the deadline, the enemy too would have been in cylinder.

It is nice game, the vide is cool and the music is relaxing. Nice way to interpret the theme it is spreading. The only is I don't get to know the next gem I spawn, so I can't plan my move and I need to take a gamble.

When the meme become a game. I certainly didn't fall on the ground laughing.

Well that certainly took over my neural system. It is great, I like how simple the mechanic and the art are and that you still have a ton of fun.

That was some good minutes spent. Simple art, simple technique and simple level. It is great, the animation and movement are smooth. You should definitely try to release it on mobile or console. I am sure a lot of people would like it.

I had a ton of fun. Really ingenious way to interpret the theme. Give me some ideal for future game.

Thank you for playing, I made a visual update if you want to try it again.

Very relaxing.

Great game.

Nice game, It was fun to play. Would have liked to be a little faster and when I change level that I start with the same weapon than last one. The recoil on the shotgun was surprising and the sniper damage isn't balance. Good job.

This is a very unique and intriguing concept. Combining farming with top shooting was something that I definitely didn't expect. The gameplay is very wholesome. The only problem is sometime after I use the inventory, I found myself unable to shoot.

Rip and tear until it is done. Very impressive for a game made in a week. it have great graphic and smooth movement

Very unique and has a lot of potential.  You could almost add anything in this game and it would still work. I like it.

First of all, concept, design and ideal absolutely brilliant. I never saw a game in a jam remotely close to this one. I can tell their is a lot of effort put into this. 

Second, the graphic are amazing. I felt real when I looked I them.

The only thing I would have liked a bigger screen size.

Oh yeah, I thought the first picture was the game and press start 5 times before realizing it was under it.

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I think I am addicted. I really like how smooth the movement are and how well it feel to aim around. The graphic are great too.

Very relaxing game. I love the graphic.

Well you can always restart the level by pressing R, like showed in the UI. And well, if I were to make a undo it will remove the point of the challenger banner. But thanks for the reviews.

Nice music pack, I used it for this game Twin Work.

Really good

I had a lot of fun playing it, the only thing that bother me is when you fail you restart at the first level. BTW is that your picture at the beginning. 

Simple and enjoyable. Well done!

I like the fact that you lose heal while moving, the game need you to play multiple time to reach a certain point. It made the speed runner in me submerge.

Oh no not the evil cooky clicker. Won't lie I had a good time playing man. Nice job.

Yeah, I wanted to hand path finding, but lacked time to implement it.

Very relaxing game. Unique way to implement the limitation, well done.

Absolutely love it! Really nice Ideal to use the Tetris row as hp bar. 

Really liked the changing from day to night.

I am an Unity programmer looking for a Team.

Yeah I get your feeling. It is my first game Jam. So I didn't think too much about the mechanic and made a clone of the game. I also refer to Jump King in the description.

That actually the case, I build this game inspiring myself on Jump King. In there you don't have a bar for the jump velocity, so you need some kind of feeling on when to jump or after a few try you get use to it.

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Very good looking.

I love it 5/5. Good music great and concept. A well done game jam game.

Very Fun. I learn as I explore the floors. However I have a question? Why does jump Z and not space.