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Pourush Pandey

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Very Much Thanks..Hope you Enjoyed it...

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A Quiz game allowed?? Not a video game with high graphics or animation..

Very Much Thanks!! for the response...

Sorry!! if that was a violation of community rules but I wanted others to join the jam and it was not for self promotion, since it wasn't shown in the list I was unable to find some companions who could contribute for the jam...

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My game jam about games with educational approach Enlightening New Year!!! started in the beginning of the year as i set up, it wasn't included in the itch.io s game jam section, now even the voting is going to end

Hello'' I am Pourush Pandey  9th std. student from India - Among the youngest Indie game devs. of world Appreciated by India Book Of Records, I create educational games from Unity and  am a part of itch.io for releasing my games since last year.. I am a self programmer, animator- overall developer and publisher...

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I have just taken the concept..

Built it all myself...

And given it an educational approach...

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Whirling Mauves is a  3Dimensional multi- genre game.

You have to Play the Role of the Turquoise Ball and have to Collect all the 'Whirling Mauves' (i.e mauve colored cubes rotating on their axis at immense speed) to increase and add up to your score, you will face ' White Revolvers' i.e. revolving wings as obstacles...

After completing each level You will unlock an enlightening Educational Fact(Based on Universe and the outer space.)

Complete the game by reaching the 'Final Mauve' (Mauve coloured 3d object) to get your final score...

The game is available for both 32bit as well as 64bit Windows PC

Created a new topic Actual Whirling Mauves!!

All the 'Mauve colored cubes' that you see in the screenshot are in continuous motion which cannot be observed in the still images..

Summer Sale!!!

Starts tomorrow..It's upto a month..

Explore the Universe this Summer!!!!

Thanks.Will look at it..

I want to get the download details of my game under free sale..

When (date,time) or from which source site has my user downloaded the game..

Please respond...

It's Free!!!! upto April 2017!!!!!!!!!!

So please Hurry up!!!! and grab the offer!!!

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Take The Challenge!! Nobody ever crossed all the levels without attempting a wrong answer.I hope you can.

This is a quiz game based on the subject of cosmology,one of the most influential parts of modern science, it is not based on scoring structure and don't judges you merely by scoring,enjoy and learn something new!!!