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Need feedback or review for this Non-Conventional- 2D Platformer Educational project

A topic by Pourush Pandey created Oct 09, 2019 Views: 50
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7HUES is my 3rd project, This game is a result of  a Non-conventional approach of providing educational touch to a 2D Platformer..

Here's a quick description:  7HUES is A Non-Conventional 2D Platform game for Windows PC platform (available for both 64 bit and 32bit PCs) As the name suggests, the game has 7 levels corresponding to the 7 colours of the rainbow and each level has the theme accordingly.At the end of each level you will get the opportunity to explore a few Educational facts extracted from verified sources based on a particular subject.

You can know more and freely download it from here:-

7HUES By Pourush Pandey

The unique structure of this game compels me to request  a  feedback of it. 

I will be humble to get your valuable feedback.


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