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Thanks it worked really well, how do you make it so the character doesnt just fall, nvm figured it out

Im trying to make a top down shooter, how did you make the movement

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Thanks for liking it

The new update is good now i can play more often, i just updated mine too

Those are beatable, (those are the harder ones) glad you liked it and after the game jam rating i have a update already made that im gonna publish once ratings are done that fixes jumps and adds more levels

Ya, im gonna have a update after the rating day that fixes jumps and adds two new groups of levels that are longer

Nice liked it!

This was really fun, could be my fav TD game if it had a bit more good job! :D

Really good game except i thought the text was hard to read

Glad you liked it, after voting gonna work on a update that fixes the jumping issues and bugs

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It was been trying for years but i always just quit till the game jam, starting on a new game soon

Same mine was my first game that i actually finished so it was way longer to do a few of the stuff than i thought

I really liked it, bit of unbalance i thought

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It had the idea and it was a good one  i didnt have as much fun as i would have if the scroll wheel wasnt for changing colors i couldnt even do green so i didnt get far

This was really fun, really liked the gameplay

Nice game for your first game, mine was my first too

Fun and challenging might play some more later

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I am planning to make some more updates after the voting period that will fix most bugs and fix levels and add more, also it started out as a puzzle-platformer so i wanna to add a bit puzzle? trick?

I am planning on updating it a bit after voting and ratings, and im starting a new game soon

Nice art

Im almost done with mine just gonna make some music and make some more levels

the game was more pixelated but in unity i expanded some of the models and it made it less pixelated
but ya know

thats looks cool

Making a  game over screen