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And after the redownload I get this:

sdl2-font-context: unavailable font family and style: Segoe UI Regular

Hitting the Space key is pretty obvious. No idea, why I didn't try it ^^

Quickload gives this error:


debugger invoked on a SB-PCL::NO-APPLICABLE-METHOD-ERROR in thread
#<THREAD "main thread" RUNNING {10005605B3}>:
  There is no applicable method for the generic function
  when called with arguments


The reason the exe does not work is because of error opening libffi-6.dll

Maybe a wine issue.

But it does not work to run it (I tried `racket src/main.rk`)

Saw, there is a source, only in the game description, so no problem

I would need linux anyway.

It's kind of fun to play this, even if theres no real challenge, and probably no real goal.

But even 3D and nice BGM

Also works with wine

Ah, I got it. It's difficult to even see the bullets

Nice simple game.

I like the BGM and the pixel art.

My score was 23


debugger invoked on a CFFI:LOAD-FOREIGN-LIBRARY-ERROR in thread
#<THREAD "main thread" RUNNING {100525EC13}>:
  Unable to load foreign library (LIBSDL2-2.0.SO.0-4165).
  Error opening shared object "/mnt/data/home/porky11/Downloads/bombing-chap/c-deps/": cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory.


The name of the variable was `|`. but when trying again now, I didn't get the error, and it worked.

Some time later I got some different errors, but at least sometimes it works

Pretty nice game, but the intro is too long, and can't be skipped

Nice moving controls.

Not intuitive buttons.

No useful usage for the special weapon yet

exe doesn't work, build is not documented

Small funny game

oh, no linux version :(

No description/README

Controls depend on key-repeat or you have to click multiple times to move

window resizing does not work

I don't understand anything. I die when entering the big room everytime

Not much fun.

The game reminds on the Wumpus.

The fighting system is boring.

The textboxes are nice.

Build does not work. I had no ffind command, and the one I installed is probably wrong

I like the idea and the collision detection works fine, but there are some problems:

* The game is not fullscreen, so when moving out of the window, pressing space also doesn't work anymore

* When setting the game to fullscreen, the graphics do scale, but the controls stay the same (mouse position is not scaled)

Unbound variable |

White letters on pretty white background are a bad Idea. I can't read, what I should do…

A very nice word finding game. I played it multiple times and didn't want to stop :)

Many words are accepted, and there are many letters, so sometimes even pretty long words can appear.

The counter sometimes is not reset correctly.

It would also be nice to play it in other language (at least german ^^)

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After starting soko my microphone crashed and doesn't stop making noise.

The level selection also is a bit difficult, because the directory is not set correctly by default.

same error as some other game: "Error openign shared object"

Error opening shared object

Only works on Mac :(

Some problem: When I press space, the browser scrolls down. With fullscreen on my display this is not that problematic.

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Doesn't work for me.

I downloaded the source and called `lua main.lua`

I like that you tried web assembly, but I don't really get it.

The screen also is too small and the graphics very low.

Seems to be something like fire emblem.

It's not really motivating to play this.

It's a fun game for short, even has multiple levels.

I like the Idea, that you have to grind in order to attack.

The design is pretty minimalistic.

東方 is still a better Danmaku, because of the music

It looks pretty professional, but playing Sudoku inside a game is not really enjoyable ;)

Nice idea of being a bat having some kind of echo visor.

Looks like a real game, nice music, a title screen with explanations, echos look very good, but multiple echos at once don't work nicely.

Just the same all the time, there seems to be no goal, it's confusing, that you warp around (probably the world moves),

The idea matches the theme very well. The music and general atmosphere could be a bit darker.

I get this error:


Error while trying to load definition for system batty from
   Component :DEPLOY not found, required by NIL


Seems, this repo is not in quicklisp. Where can I find it?

No, game didn't crash.

Without glowing atmosphere it's darker ^^

But I don't get the problem, that it's visually not distinguished from others. In many games, other objects (enemies or other players for multiplayer) look like the controllable object. When not sure, just press a button, and see, if it moves. When you look at the texture of the planets, which rotate or move, you see, that the motion is working.

The reference of how to control things etc. is written in the

It's not that creative yet. There are just rooms. But they look good. Nice changing colors depending on daytime.

It's also not entertaining, because I can just walk around, and the walking doesn't work good. When I release a button, the player stops, and it often happens, that I first press the button in the different direction and then relese the button of the direction where I walked before. I first thought, there are invisible walls everywhere.

I also don't know, what this has to do with darkness.

Since the game is not finished, it's ok, but improving the controls shouldn't have been a problem.

Pretty simple design, nice idea, but not that special.

Looks ok, pretty intuitive handling.

Not entertaining, I die very fast, and it's to difficult to start another round.

Black and white as only colors, gameplay even depends on darkness, so the theme is matched pretty good. A dark atmosphere or similar would also be nice.

Add install instructions.

I have no idea how to install this. I don't even know, which language this is written in, or where the source code is.