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minimal word game implemented in Common Lisp
Submitted by inaimathi — 1 day, 4 hours before the deadline

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CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
Entertainment - How enjoyable/replayable is it?#53.7863.786
Presentation - How does it look/feel?#143.1433.143
Creativity - How original is the idea?#182.6432.643

Ranked from 14 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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Developer (1 edit)

Myth, Myths, Spy, Scry, Pry, Nymph, Tryst, Myst, Synth, Synch, Crypt, Crypts, Try, Cry

It's an improbably roll, I'll grant you that :p Hopefully you still had fun :)


Oh yes it was fun. I should have had Try, Cry and Spy I guess but nope...


This was a good time. I played it a handful of times.
If you had fun I think it'd be well worth continuing on. It's great for a quick mental break.


Thank you :)


Nicely made! I got a score of 34, which I suspect is very average.

Just out of interest, how did you publish to the web with common lisp? I've been looking for ways of doing the same.


It's an ok score :p

I'm in the process of putting together my post-mortem article (which will be up at my blog  when I'm done), but the short answer is "I used cl-notebook and parenscript". The first is a notebook-style editor for Common Lisp (for which I'm in the process of writing an `` exporter), and the second is a library that provides a CL->JS transformation for an extended subset of the language.


A very nice word finding game. I played it multiple times and didn't want to stop :)

Many words are accepted, and there are many letters, so sometimes even pretty long words can appear.

The counter sometimes is not reset correctly.

It would also be nice to play it in other language (at least german ^^)


Thank you :)

I'll publish the source shortly as part of a post-jam writeup, but (spoilers) yes I'm going to try adding languages. It would really only involve getting different "die" configurations and changing out the dictionary (or starting to use some more elaborate words API).