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Here it is for those interested.

Great concept. Frustratingly fun!

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For example in the gif you posted you started in the top left corner which is a hole. A hole brings you to a connected hole. In your case the connected hole turned out to have another hole exactly above it (#2). Then you pressed right a bunch of time so you  looped between the holes labeled "2" until you escaped by pressing bottom to a free space. And so on. The readme explains the logic of different tiles you can encounter.

You are blind and from the hints you get by moving around (for example hiting a wall you stay at the same place) you try to reconstruct the map on paper. And then you can validate by pressing "Chart".

Great game!

Oh yes it was fun. I should have had Try, Cry and Spy I guess but nope...

Man this game is hilarious! I know nothing about Stanley Houghton so I can't comment on that but great story.

The instructions are available on the game page If you hold your click/keypress it will keep shooting/moving. Window resizing is not implemented but you can scale by changing the global variables in main.lisp and recompiling. I do not recommend entering the big room like if you owned the place as you will get yourself killed. Your character has enough hp to sustain two bullets. Good luck!

Great game! Post your  scores :D

Lisp Game Jam 2018 community · Created a new topic conflux

I uploaded my code as it stands before the jam starts at if anyone is interested. At the moment there isn't much besides an OpenGL ffi for sbcl and a few SDL functions. In 10 days hopefully there will be font support, a physics/collision engine and a small game.

Best of success to all jammers!