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exe doesn't work, build is not documented


If you have SBCL, then extracting the zip somewhere where asdf can find and it and running
```(ql:quickload :ljam2018)
should do the trick.

As for the exe, why exactly doesn't it work?

Quickload gives this error:


debugger invoked on a SB-PCL::NO-APPLICABLE-METHOD-ERROR in thread
#<THREAD "main thread" RUNNING {10005605B3}>:
  There is no applicable method for the generic function
  when called with arguments


The reason the exe does not work is because of error opening libffi-6.dll

Maybe a wine issue.

And after the redownload I get this:

sdl2-font-context: unavailable font family and style: Segoe UI Regular

Thanks for reporting this.

Unfortunately, I chose Segoe UI as the default font for the application on Windows because it's the default on that platform. I imagine that due to licensing, it's unavailable if you're running through Wine.

I'll make note of it, not just for making it configurable, but also falling back on something else, instead.

As per the defpackage-plus issue, likewise thank you for that report. I can't believe that one fell through the cracks, but I hadn't set up my ASDF systems with it as a dependency. I've fixed it in the source, but given that this is a game jam entry, I won't be updating it here.

Thanks again!

Sorry about that. I've uploaded a new version the missing libffi-6 dll.

I was previously using another library configured to look for `libffi.dll`, so the dependencies messed me up.

Take care! And thank you!

Hi! Just downloaded what I think is your fixed Windows build (has libffi-6.dll). However fails immediately to start. Not even an error message when I try to run from console. Using Win7, 64bit. Thanks!

Hi! Unfortunately I'm unable to replicate this.

I booted up a completely fresh Windows 10 Virtual Machine and was able to run there.  I'm going to have to call it a wash for this, though. I don't have enough instrumentation/logging in place that it's worth it to try and diagnose the issue.

I'm really sorry, but I do genuinely appreciate the post. I'll strive to do better next time!

No problem! This is just feedback so you're aware that this particular configuration had a problem. Unless you have an EA budget, it's hard to test across every architecture! Thanks for taking the time to look into it!