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I see. Since there's no CL related error or message this'll require some deeper debugging, unfortunately. 
Seems like there's an issue rendering any of the textures. I don't know that I'll be able to debug that without a test bed, but it may be helpful to know what version of OpenGL you have.

You could install one of the viewer tools, like hwinfo etc, but one dumb easy way to check would be:

(ql:quickload :cepl)
(cepl:repl) ; This should pop up a window

Alternatively, you can edit `res/lvl/main-menu.lvl`, and at the very bottom of the file add:

(print (gl:version))

That should show the version in the console window.
Thanks! Sorry for the hassle.

Sorry about that. I've updated my comment to add the link to the GitHub page. Here it is:


(1 edit)

For anyone that might be having issues running, and wants to try going at it from source, please feel free to clone 

Edit: The GitHub page is:

into ~/quicklisp/local-projects/ and then cd into it. With sbcl:

(ql:quickload :magnetic-drift)
(in-package :magnetic-drift)


Oh no! That sounds to me like a gl related issue.

Can you run to see some console output that might be helpful?

Thank you.

I the music and visuals really complement each-other to give a great 'muted' atmosphere.

The controls are.. very oddly placed. 

I really like the idea of the shots wrapping-around as they do, since it's both an aid and a danger as you play more. I think the idea would work well with more options to actively evade/defend yourself.

Great. Thanks again for checking. The new version will be uploaded soon to the official entry. And I've upped the Window size.

And the main problem with libffi is more configuring it all such that your SBCL is able to run gcc, pkg-config, et all in the right environment (mingw). 

Actually, if you run SBCL from within a MinGW window it -should- all work. Though I'd be a little worried about getting `/msys/style/paths/` 

Okay! Please try again.
It -should- work now. Needed to monkey-patch cl-soil to work around what seems to be a cffi 'feature'

And with regards to libffi, it's primarily configuring pkg-config correctly, which is a bit of a pain. If I remember correctly, I installed libffi through msys2, and then set up my PK_CONFIG_PATH. It was a bit ago, so I'll need to rediscover all the steps, especially since I'm trying to get an x86 build going.

Understood. I'll fix that immediately. Thanks so much for looking into this.


Forgot to set it to public (can't do it right away for some reason).
Please try again

Would you mind running for me? It's the same build, but with the console window enabled.

Sorry. I'm looking into this right now.

What are you OS details? eg Windows 10 x64


Hi! Unfortunately I'm unable to replicate this.

I booted up a completely fresh Windows 10 Virtual Machine and was able to run there.  I'm going to have to call it a wash for this, though. I don't have enough instrumentation/logging in place that it's worth it to try and diagnose the issue.

I'm really sorry, but I do genuinely appreciate the post. I'll strive to do better next time!

Thanks for reporting this.

Unfortunately, I chose Segoe UI as the default font for the application on Windows because it's the default on that platform. I imagine that due to licensing, it's unavailable if you're running through Wine.

I'll make note of it, not just for making it configurable, but also falling back on something else, instead.

As per the defpackage-plus issue, likewise thank you for that report. I can't believe that one fell through the cracks, but I hadn't set up my ASDF systems with it as a dependency. I've fixed it in the source, but given that this is a game jam entry, I won't be updating it here.

Thanks again!

Sorry about that. I've uploaded a new version the missing libffi-6 dll.

I was previously using another library configured to look for `libffi.dll`, so the dependencies messed me up.

Take care! And thank you!

Cool. I mostly I was thinking about the judges building the games and such.

Hello all,

This is going to be my first game jam, and I'm curious as to how entries are going to be submitted, run, etc. I'll be working in Common Lisp, so I'd like to make sure I've got a sufficient release workflow set up so I can focus on the game during the jam.

Also, do you have any policy on code licensing? I was planning on my work here being libpng licensed.