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Incredible! My favorite so far!

sorry!!! Check my twitter for how to do it :)

Thank you!! 🙏🏻😁 

thank you!! :) if you want a hint about lvl 10, check my twitter :)

OH! Very positively surprised by the controls! I love the switching back and forth idea between each shot. Really cool! But once I figured out that just standing still and shooting the enemies was the best tactic it became a bit too easy. Something that would force me to move around a bit more would have been really nice. Like some blocks or something that you can't shoot but must move out of the way while shooting goons. Really awesome idea! Love it!! <3

I'm intrigued! But I can't figure out how to play 😅 Would love some instructions if possible!

Great job!! :D Must have take quite a bit of time to make! I was struggling with the level where you need to get the box for the others to get up - is there a way to pull the box?

Is there a trick to collecting the Jam? It refuses to pick it up :/ Looks promising otherwise! I like the idea of the minus block! Very cool! Maybe it's a browser thing, I'll try downloading it instead, usually more stable :)

Nice! It took me a while to figure out what to do but I got it in the end :) How did you make the projectile prediction thing? Particles? I got a little confused with the controls but I got that down too after a while :D Great job!!

Thank you!! :D

Thank you!!! :D

Thank you!! <3

Epik monkey game!!! I love how they flop down when you don't touch the controls for a moment! :D :D

Oh noo haha yes, level 10 is a bit tricky :)

Oooh I had a nice moment when I realized that that level two was actually just an extension of level one! Very unexpected! Really clever game! I love this stuff! The only thing for me was the controls, your character retains momentum when pressing against an object so when you make it over you fly away as if you were charged with a rubber band - this made the platforming very difficult. Awesome submission though!! Loved it!

Oh NICE! Extra points for the 80s look! :D This is actually addictive! Your game is a bit similar to my submission which is cool! Great minds think alike :) Good job with this one! Very enjoyable! If you were to keep building on this, maybe keep the double jump button the same as the regular jump, I was fiddling a bit with the controls xD

Ooh cool! Like that you went for a puzzle game! I also made a puzzle game for this jam! I love these types of games, I just wish the robot was slightly faster so I could move around the level a bit quicker (the doors would of course close faster too). But just to make it a bit more snappy! Nice work for such a short jam!! Great job with the assets!

Hahah I had fun with this :D Good job! Love the idea with the toy monkeys! Good job!!

Really like the audio and the look of this! Great job! The only problem for me was the camera, it made me a bit dizzy after a while. Really cool for such a short jam!! 

I made lvl 10 a bit easier but I can't upload the new version until the jam is over :(

Come on Em! You can do it! What level did you get stuck at?

Come one guys!! You can do it! Drink some algorithm juice finish it!!!! :D

Thank you! :D I made level 10 a little easier but I can't upload the new version until the Jam voting is over :(

Oh fantastic! Well done :D Yes I would have loved to polish the platforming a bit further, it's a bit too punishing at times for sure!