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Wonderful game that hits everything this jam was going for. I hope you're proud of this game, you've earned it!

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Thanks for the comment. Yeah, the sound is a bit overbearing. In later iterations I want to take away the projectile sounds of the crow knights as that is the biggest sound offender. I wanted to put out a cozy feeling in the sense that even though you're fighting a horde of enemies, the stakes really aren't very high; it's just the changing of the seasons. I think with cozier background art and a different pacing for enemy spawning, I might be able to pull that off.

Thanks bud, that's a pretty high compliment for what I'm going for

Oh no I mean have the text be slower but more words on the screen at one time, as opposed to there generally being one fast word on the screen at a time. Just a thought. I have quite a bit of things to do for my game after the jam as well lol.

Thanks, it sounds like you really got the vibe I was going for! I was absolutely going for Joust feel so I'm glad that came off for you. I wish I could do a quick edit after I submitted, and removed that dang sound the crows make. Thanks for all your kind words, I'd like to expand this game into a more robust arcade game in the future.

Pretty cool. I think if I were to add anything different, it would be to have multiple slow moving words on the screen at once, so it feels more like you're "clearing the board", know what I mean?

Not bad for your very first! Keep it up!

Nicely done! Love the art!

Uh oh. This might be best in show...

The art and controls are very nice! I wonder if you could come up with some more emphasis on the stealth aspect of the game.

Nice little hidden pictures game!

Thanks for the input. I was hoping to put in some cozier pixel art for the background, but unfortunately couldn't get the look during the time constraints. And yeah, the goal is entirely just to make high scores, lol. This was my attempt to emulate early 80's American arcade games where score was all that mattered in the end.

You're definitely not the only one to make that note. In later versions I'll definitely take away the sound made when the crow riders drop their projectiles. Glad you enjoyed the gameplay, and I hope your eardrums will recover soon!

Excellent and very fun. Thanks!

Amazing stuff, bud! The creature designs are really inspired!

Wow, I really appreciate it, considering how polished yall's game is!

The art and upgrade mechanics are super neat in this one!

Really really excellent work. The art is wonderful.

Yes, I think you're definitely right about the sound. Thanks for playing. Also, I think you have great taste in naming your game! I will have to give it a shot when I have some time tonight!

Ha ha, sounds like you got a good grasp of the game. Watch this space for future updates. Soon enough we'll have a more workable version.

Unfortunately the issue isn't with you or the controls, but rather some errors we encountered in transition to WebGL. Our combat scenes and item gathering functionality was lost in translation, sadly. But watch this space for bug-fixing updates! Thanks for checking us out.

Thanks for saying so! We are trying to continue work for eventual publishing elsewhere, perhaps on Steam!

Sorry to hear about the sizing issue. We were working right up to the submission deadline, and unfortunately we didn't get much time to format the end product for all devices. Appreciate you checking us out though. If you liked the music, you should check out our composer JApolloProductions on Spotify!

Thank you very much! Very kind of you to say.

Don't worry, it's not just you! We encountered some issues where our item gathering and combat scenes did not function in our WebGL version. Appreciate you checking out what we did produce, though!

Hi all, thanks for checking out our submission. Unfortunately, our combat mechanics and item gathering functionality didn't make the transition from Unity project to WebGL. Still please enjoy the procedural dungeon generation and original music by JApolloProductions. Thanks for Playing!

This game really seems like it's on a very serious, very intricate level. I can tell you put a lot of work into this and I hope you're very proud of it.

Thanks so much! I hope to continue work on improving it after the Jam finishes out.

Hmm... I'm sorry to hear that. I will certainly be improving the UI in the future. Glad you enjoyed the aesthetics of the game! Thanks for playing!

The art is fantastic! Great Job!

Sure! Request sent!

Hi there! Did you wind up connecting with anyone for this Jam? If not, and I know we're already a day in, but would you be interested in composing something for the project I'm working on?

Interesting concept. I really like the palette and aesthetics of it, well done!

Interesting concept. I really like the palette and aesthetics of it, well done!

Thanks so much! Yes, you are right about the camera. It is too sensitive. Maybe in a later version I will give the player an option to set it to their preference. Glad you enjoyed the rest of it, though!

Thanks! Yeah, I do think the theme isn't super well represented. I wanted to have put in some additional art in the environment to suggest that Scraptacular Inc. was a very dysfunctional, failing, and unsafe company, but that was some polishing I didn't have enough time for. Thanks for playing though!

Really, really, excellent work. You put a ton of work into this and it really shows.

Really, really, excellent work. You put a ton of work into this and it really shows.

Wow, very cool use of a very cool mechanic!

Interesting concept!