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Yep, definitely it. Checked on another monitor and setup. Weird that it doesn't scale automatically in fullscreen though! 

Uh. Omg. I got it to work. It was the aspect ratio. It was filling the height instead of fitting the width.  Also... got the "bad ending". >o lol woah!

Another great background music track!!! 

Wow, awesome use of the theme and a very creative way to tell a story!!

Really enjoyed this one.  Would love to play more levels!

Sweet game! Would love to see more!

Looks like for some reason the baking screen is larger than my screen space? The main bakery screen is fine, but it means I can't get access to the mixer or the milk.  I'll try on another machine when I can, but any recs?  The reviews seem great, would love to play!

Same deal for me. Gonna have to circle back with a higher spec'd machine to give a real look. Looks interesting, though!

So true it hurts! Oddly fun. haha

So true it hurts!

Great game! Way to go!

Love that Lint Fuzzy has a smile on them! Too bad you only see when you "die"! haha

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Short, but sweet! Love the post-apocalyptic feeling!

TBH, I'm struggling with the controls.  At times, I wasnt able to jump and move together which resulted in MANY ill-timed deaths by getting blocked into a corner.  Which, in turn, felt like it made the levels significantly harder than the should have been (I only got to thru like 4).

Not sure about the jump+move issue, but I've always been an arrow keys fan over aswd. Not sure if this is contributing.  Any way you can update to allow arrows as well before the judging period is over?  Definitely gonna circle back when I can give it more time to see if it's just my fat fingers getting in the way. Haha!

Could have used some instructions, jams are jams! =)

Not sure if it's just bc I'm on mac, but I had difficulty scrolling the viewable city area where it would zoom out too far and the majority of the viewer would be blank.  I also felt like the build options didnt reset after restarting; I didn't see the home office or the fast food restaurant after the first game. 

Great start though! I love builder games like this!

This was abs terrific! I wish there was a ton more content, I wanted to see where the storylines would go! Kudos on a VERY creative storytelling approach. Very enjoyable (and LOVED the music)!

Thanks for the quick response! Guess we'll have to stick to 1.3 for now.

Thank you so much for this update! Any schedule on a MacOS build?