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Mhm, this is really a good example for a catchy gif. 

Itch sent me an email with some instructions how to best announce my game. Following these instructions can give you a good kick start. It seems you did a good job. In my case, tweeting my announcement to @itchio and them picking it up, helped a lot . 

I also used a gif for showcasing the game, although not as cool as yours.

First of all, thanks for your feedback. The front page part of my post was a bit misleading. I haven't been featured, but was listed  in the "Fresh Games" section of the front page, for a while.  I think trying to get involved in the Itch community is a good approach. Not only  to get your game out there, but more importantly to get feedback and inspiration regarding game-development in general.

I got a advice, in the discord channel,  to do some marketing before i launch my game (which i haven't done, because i got the advice when i already was online) This way, you could get more out of the first pike, like we see it in your statistics . Did you have a reasonable userbase, followers, etc. when you launched Holey Suit?

I'm glad you liked the demo.  Early access with more levels will arrive soon.  Maybe i'm going to add a bonus level to the demo. Stay tuned.

Thanks for sharing your analytics. Your post inspired me to give a insight into my first week on

So far twitter is the most valuable (and fun) channel to promote my game.

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I decided to release the demo of my first indie game and I want to give you a short insight into the statistics, regarding views and downloads I obtained in my first week on

The game i’m talking about is LandR. It’s a puzzle platformer with an unconventional control scheme. Instead of controlling one character, you have to control two, each with one hand. If you interested in playing the demo, you can grab a copy on

As you can see in the  diagram, i had a real tough start. There were only a few downloads in the first two days. After that, the downloads and views gone up to over 50 a day. After the fourth day the downloads started to decrease rapidly, because the game wasn’t listed on the front page's "Fresh Games" section anymore and went down in the "new" categories . These are not big numbers, but i like the idea of people playing my game and even maybe enjoying it. I got overall good feedback, which made me kind of proud and helped me to enhance my game.

The listing of sources, where people found the link to my store page, shows that the main source was itch’s front page. The second-highest source is twitter, where i posted some gifs and videos about the game. The listing also shows that i got a few of clicks from the platform specific categories of, which is an indicator that it’s a good idea to build your game for all major platforms. The clicks from reddit are from a thread, on which i failed to start a conversation about my game and apparently somebody looked up my game on google.

That’s it. I hope my insights are useful for someone. How was your first week on Any thoughts or tips you want to share?

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LandR is a challenging puzzle platformer with an unique game play and unconventional control scheme. Move the two players independently, each with one hand. Find your way to the next level, improve your left and right hand coordination and help L and R to prepare their mission to the dark side of the moon.

LandR is still under active development and early access will arrive soon. In the meantime, you can check out the demo. 

Get the demo on

Hope you enjoy it. Any feedback is highly appreciated. Thanks in advance!